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Venum Electron Brazil Fightshorts
Venum Electron Brazil Fightshorts

    These ultra lightweight fight shorts are made of 100% high quality microfiber.

    Who got there first?

    Comments from April 1, 2012

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    SacDeeZ Image
    SacDeeZ  -  Joined 3/26/2012

    Anyone know the quality of that gi brand?
    I seen it but hesitated on purchasing one because
    I dont know anything about that brand.

    4/1/2012 at 5:13 AM ThumbsUp ImageThumbsUp Down
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    jrmartinez Image
    jrmartinez  -  Joined 2/10/2012

    Any chance of putting up that Purple and Gray Gi again? I don't remember the brand but it was a few weeks ago.

    4/1/2012 at 4:44 AM ThumbsUp ImageThumbsUp Down
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    J.C. Caparas Image
    J.C. Caparas  -  Joined 7/26/2011

    It was CynerGi, they just received new stock of the Grey Gi with the white version.

    4/1/2012 at 4:48 AM ThumbsUp ImageThumbsUp Down
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