Muaewear Furinkazan V20 Lightweight Gi
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Muaewear Furinkazan V2.0 Lightweight Gi

    The Furinkazan V2 is Muae's lightest BJJ Gi to date, constructed from high-quality Pearl weave and super light ripstop. Don't let the "lightweight" title deceive you... the V2 is equipped with a plethora of reinforcements that make it very, very reliable. Whether you want a lighter Gi for competitions or a strong everyday type of Gi for the gym, you can be sure the new Furinkazan is qualified.

    Muae has dropped the weight of the jacket and pants, but maintained the level craftsmanship and overall uniform integrity that we've come to expect from their BJJ line. Equipped with soft interior seam taping, wide lining over the inner collar seam, and full-length thigh-to-hem reinforcements that provide thorough coverage at the knee. Muae's signature forearm lining makes an appearance as well. If you've never checked this out, you'll be surprised at how much comfort is added by such a small detail (consisting of soft ripstop fabric from elbow to sleeve cuff). Pants include multiple drawstring loops and a very light mesh drawstring. The mesh drawstring is strong but also has just the right amount of elasticity, decorated with a Muaewear logo pattern throughout.

    Muaewear Furinkazan V2.0 Lightweight Gi $100

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