Manto 40 Classic - Black Jiu Jitsu Gi
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Manto 4.0 Classic - Black Jiu Jitsu Gi

    The 4.0 Classic is the latest edition of Manto's year-round, standard BJJ Gi. Featuring some aesthetic updates and quality upgrades. Consisting of a strong yet breathable single weave jacket and sturdy cotton pants that are both lightweight and durable. Manto has stuck to their classic blue/yellow color scheme, but the patches and embroideries themselves have a tastefully updated look for 2014. EVA foam provides a strong collar core that keeps it shape better than tradition fabric cores. Includes essential specs such as multiple pant loops, cord drawstring, and reinforced knees, all standard on Manto kimonos.

    A0: 5'3"-5'6" & 127-141 lbs
    A1: 5'6"-5'9" & 141-168 lbs
    A2: 5'9"-6'0" & 168-185 lbs
    A3: 5'11"-6'4" & 181-215 lbs
    A4: 6'4"-6'8" & 215-240 lbs

    Manto 4.0 Classic - Black Jiu Jitsu Gi $100

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    ltsmackabitch Image
    ltsmackabitch  -  Joined 8/13/2011

    Hi guys, please help me change my order shipment address. Forgot to change my autofill settings and clicked Order too hastily. I sent you guys an email subject: "Urgent -Change shipping address on my order"

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    Masood Merza Image
    Masood Merza  -  Joined 7/29/2014

    5'9" 210 lb. What size would you recommend?

    9/16/2014 at 1:33 AM ThumbsUp ImageThumbsUp Down
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    Farocious Image
    Farocious  -  Joined 9/5/2014


    9/15/2014 at 11:02 PM
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    Alex Finley Image
    Alex Finley  -  Joined 9/16/2014

    Hey I'm a muscular 192 and 5'10' what should I go with?

    9/16/2014 at 12:43 AM ThumbsUp ImageThumbsUp Down
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