YouJitsu T-Shirt 2-Pack
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YouJitsu T-Shirt 2-Pack

    "Yea, but does it work on da streets?!"

    Day in and day out, this question is muttered across the online forums. And one minute later, the same guy posts a link to that new upside-down flying worm guard technique (no offense, Keenan). Veterans of Sherdog, the Underground, and reddit BJJ will quickly recognize the humor in BJJTees two newest tees...

    The forums are littered with links to various instructionals, challenge matches, competition footage, and debates on all of the above. Grab your two-pack of tees today and either wear them with pride or wear them with a tongue-in-cheek smile. What better way to wear your YouJitsu tee than under your Gi and your internet black belt? And the Street Rules tee? Well, that's probably best suited for street fights. On lava. With broken glass. And multiple attackers...

    Printed on 100% combed cotton, 32 singles for extreme softness. Standard, slightly relaxed fit.

    YouJitsu T-Shirt 2-Pack $25

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    PRINCE_VEGETA Image Bought Today's Item
    PRINCE_VEGETA  -  Joined 11/8/2013


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    Laura Guest Image
    Laura Guest  -  Joined 7/29/2015

    Just wondering how the women's sizes run? I love these!

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    cadd71 Image
    cadd71  -  Joined 6/20/2011

    Look keyboard warriors you now have your own T-shirts

    7/29/2015 at 11:26 PM
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