Tatami Whizzer of Oz Rashguard
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Tatami "Whizzer of Oz" Rashguard

    Dorothy with the mean whizzer! This new clever Tatami rashguard is built from their usual soft fabric blend (polyester/spandex) that stretches in every direction, giving you free range of motion while you grapple. Equipped with strong flatlock stitching that will flex with the material.

    All original illustrations, from front to back. Graphics are 100% sublimated, ensuring nothing will fade or peel over time. Standard compression cut.

    XS 143 lbs and under
    S: 143-154 lbs
    M: 154-174 lbs
    L: 174-196 lbs
    XL: 196-218 lbs
    2XL: 218-242 lbs


    S: 126 lbs and under
    M: 126-143 lbs
    L: 143-159 lbs
    XL: 159-177 lbs

    Kids (Approximate Age Guide)
    XS: 6 and under
    S: 6-8
    M: 8-10
    L: 10-12
    XL: 12 and up

    Tatami "Whizzer of Oz" Rashguard $39

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    Shady Image
    Shady  -  Joined 10/8/2016

    Stop it! I want this so bad! I can't keep signing my paychecks over to bjjhq.

    10/27/2016 at 11:08 PM
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    jessibot Image
    jessibot  -  Joined 10/27/2016

    I almost bought this one yesterday. Hooray for procrastination!

    10/28/2016 at 12:02 AM ThumbsUp ImageThumbsUp Down
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    Jordanmeyer89 Image Bought Today's Item
    Jordanmeyer89  -  Joined 7/1/2015

    Been waiting over 6 months for this. By far my favorite rashguard design and I love Tatami Meerkatsu rashguards. It has been a long journey holding out this long with all the deals but I knew in my heart this would show up eventually.

    10/27/2016 at 11:30 PM ThumbsUp ImageThumbsUp Down
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    kminsull Image
    kminsull  -  Joined 5/6/2016

    It's cheaper through the Tatami website proper, for Canadian shoppers...

    10/27/2016 at 11:15 PM
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