Clinch Gear Rashguard 2 Pack
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Clinch Gear Rashguard 2 Pack

    Normally, $32 wouldn't even get you one grappling rashguard, but BJJHQ is a special place. A place where you can get two solid rashguards by the veterans at Clinch Gear for just over thirty bucks. But this deal won't be here forever. In fact, I reckon it'll be gone pretty quickly. I mean, you saw the price, right?

    As always, Clinch Gear has put together some reliable compression gear, made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex. You won't find any big logos or bling here, simply a fine quality garment that is designed to provide muscle support and moisture control while you grapple or workout. Featuring a raglan cut short-sleeve construction and full tricot fabric throughout.

    Compression fit. Be sure to check the last image for sizing guidelines.

    Clinch Gear Rashguard 2 Pack $32

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    KDavis556  -  Joined 8/8/2014

    Just ordered these! Great deal

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