Arm Bar Soap 6 Pack
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Arm Bar Soap 6 Pack

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    The Arm Bar Soap Co has put together a 6-pack of their best-selling soap "flavors" for BJJHQ's fans. Each "batch" has its own pleasant yet subtle scent:

    The Cocoa Batch
    The Peppermint Batch
    The Hawaiian Batch
    The Milk & Honey Batch
    The Açaí Batch
    The Shamp-Broo Batch

    While they all do sound delicious, please note that they are not edible. Please do not eat the soap! Instead, train hard and then use this after-training soap to fight fungus and mat-born germs. Each all-natural bar contains a special blend of hand-picked, high-grade oils, butters, and exfoliants that have been carefully chosen for their benefits. Nourish your skin, get a deep cleanse, and eliminate the threat of skin infections caused by mat-born fungus/bacteria.

    Arm Bar Soap 6 Pack $18

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