Aesthetic IBJJF Shorts
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Aesthetic IBJJF Shorts

    Aesthetic's new black fight shorts, designed to meet the standards of IBJJF competition while delivering the utmost in quality and comfort. Visually they are simple yet very sleek, featuring black fabrics with very subtly reflective graphics stamped in four locations. The main body material is thick enough to last, but has some stretch to it so they'll hold up in case your opponent grabs your shorts in the heat of competition. All of the stress points are triple-stitched for added durability.

    The overall flexibility of these shorts is incredible, considering not only the stretch body but the split side seams and double-layered stretch panel along the crotch. Just inside the left side vent you'll find a hidden fold-over pocket, perfect for storing your mouthguard or IBJJF ID card while you're waiting for the division to start.

    Other noteworthy features include a very comfortable cushioned closure system and a pull-tab at the rear of the waistband. Adjustable via internal drawstring.

    Aesthetic IBJJF Shorts $35

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    RyanB  -  Joined 12/17/2014

    Man, NOT a peep on the discussion boards about these today. I guess everybody is still recovering from sensory overload from that Platinum gi yesterday. Holy cow, what a looker!

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