Inverted Gear Light Pearl Panda

Inverted Gear Light Pearl Panda

    Inverted Gear's latest lightweight Gi release, the Light Pearl Panda! This light Gi is the Yin to the heavy Panda 2.0's Yang. Featuring 350 GSM Pearl Weave and 10oz cotton ripstop are perfectly light and breathable, accented with soft blue side vents and embroideries. The classic Panda taping and woven patches have been customized for this lightweight edition, utilizing a light blue/white colorway and cloud artwork (also used for the customer carry bag). As always, Inverted Gear uses a two-part interior seam taping: a ripstop base layer plus woven graphic taping (making the sleeve edges that much harder to grip).

    The main jacket material is a single piece of 350 GSM Pearl Weave, with teardrop armpit reinforcements as well as soft ripstop running over the inner rib seams. Comfy 10oz ripstop is used for the pants and double-layer knees, with the 350 GSM Pearl reappearing along the crotch gusset. There's minimal branding on the pants, limited to the woven "cloud panda" patch at the left hip, matching the light blue stitching and IG's popular 6-point loop system. Equipped with a thick, stretchy cord drawstring.

    Includes roomy carry bag, one side Pearl Weave, one side ripstop with printed graphics. Not only does the carry bag have the traditional cinched drawstring, but two loops that you can lace your BJJ belt through... transforming your drawstring bag into a shoulder sling with your own belt!

    Same cut as previous Panda Gis.
    Added size A00 is for anyone below 5'0" and below 110 lbs.

    Inverted Gear Light Pearl Panda $120

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    G0ninjaG0ninjaG0 Image
    G0ninjaG0ninjaG0  -  Joined 11/8/2013

    Any gear bags coming up soon ??

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    itsinyourstomach Image
    itsinyourstomach  -  Joined 5/6/2016

    Do you guys have any Gi's by Grips coming out soon?

    5/24/2016 at 11:08 PM ThumbsUp ImageThumbsUp Down
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