100 Kilo v2 Unbleached Gi

100 Kilo v2 Unbleached Gi

    You've been patiently awaiting the return of 93 Brand's "100 Kilo" so let's get right down to business: This is an incredibly comfortable Gi. I'm talkin' the most comfortable Gi you've ever tried. The 450 GSM Gold weave fabric is soft and breathable, but not at the expense of durability. With the v2 edition, 93 Brand has perfected the pre-washing and pre-shrinking processes for their unbleached fabrics so that they're consistently and thoroughly free of shedding, stretching, and shrinkage. The 10 oz. brushed twill pants have all of the important qualities you could ask for: lightweight, durable, and comfy. With knee reinforcements and a crotch gusset made with the jacket's Gold weave, you've got added comfort and strength. Knee reinforcements are extended longer than your typical pair of pants, so you've got greater coverage for your knees while rolling.

    Graphics come by way of high-quality embroideries and woven patches, all following a grayscale color scheme with maroon borders that complement the light color of unbleached cotton. Trim is kept simple, primarily through a dark grey drawstring and minimal contrast stitching in select areas. Interior seams and cuffs are lined with a simple, solid red twill.

    Overall, the 100 Kilo and its anvil-centric interior label are inspired by the old school and ultra-heavy "Cem Kilos" position.
    Or as the Americans call it: Side Control.

    100 Kilo v2 Unbleached Gi $100

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    Tonze1992 Image
    Tonze1992  -  Joined 7/9/2013

    Great Gi

    1/25/2015 at 11:08 PM
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    STAN Image
    STAN  -  Joined 1/2/2015

    OK, this gi deal HAS an A2L size available, but at 6'1" 190#, I'm thinking I would actually want to go with an A3 based on the size chart? My Blank Kimonos A3 gi pants are perfect, but the jacket is snug through the chest, while my Tatami Estillo 4.0 (also A3) is a little loose in the pants, and a little baggy in the back of the shoulders when standing upright. The manufacturers are SOOOOO different, and I sort of sit in between sizes. Any experince with this or advise? For what it's worth, long sleeve XL rashguards are a little loose on the abdomen and long in the sleeves (hang out beyond the cuf of my gi), but L are too tight and cut into my armpits.

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    Mike Image
    Mike  -  Joined 1/19/2015

    I'm 5'5" tall and 141lbs would an A1 or A1L be the best bet? How much shrinkage should I expect if I wash cold dry hot? Thanks!

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    george_HQ Image
    george_HQ  -  VERIFIED ADMIN  -  Joined 11/6/2012

    Regular A1 is good for you.
    With this one, the V2, the shrinkage is very minimal. If you wash cold and hang dry there will be virtually no shrinkage at all. If you use heat, there may be very minor shrinkage, but nothing substantial.

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    NueHypNtzd Image
    NueHypNtzd  -  Joined 10/30/2012

    I would disagree on minimal shrinkage. Over time mine has shrunk a tad to much for my liking. Other than that this is a wonderful gi. I really wish I could afford one right now. I would get an A2L.

    1/25/2015 at 11:43 PM
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