Venum ELITE Blue BJJ Gi
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Venum ELITE Blue BJJ Gi

    Venum's recently introduced BJJ Gis have raised the bar, surpassing all of their previous models in terms of quality, looks, and price value. The Elite series is our personal favorite as it balances all the important qualities of a Jiu Jitsu kimono without compromising looks and without going over the top. This blue edition has slick yellow and white accents via high-quality embroideries and updated woven patches. The main materials are pre-shrunk cotton: 500 GSM Gold Weave top and a lightweight ripstop pants.

    Reinforcement paneling and strong stitching make the "Elite" a Jiu Jitsu uniform that can stand up to daily rolling and/or the most rigorous of competition schedules. Featuring a sublimated inner yoke panel with a repeat graphic pattern that contrasts nicely against the all black cotton. Equipped with multiple drawstring loops and a round stretch cord that match the purple/white trim throughout the rest of this handsome kimono.

    One thing you learn from training with Venum's new Elite series is that you don't have to sacrifice good looks or comfort to get excellent craftsmanship.

    Includes a lightweight Venum carry bag.

    Venum ELITE Blue BJJ Gi $99

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    Rlph7044 Image
    Rlph7044  -  Joined 8/25/2016

    FYI, found the A3 blue gi with orange on amazon go for 66 dollars. Both are good deals just thought you guys should know. Waiting for good deals for husky people like me in white gi

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    auzy Image
    auzy  -  Joined 12/11/2014

    Where? Only seeing it for $80. Are you from the states or?

    8/25/2016 at 3:35 AM
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