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93brand Americana Spats

I weigh maybe 205 or more, but I'm also 6'3, will the XL run short on me?  
3/20/2017 12:03:07 AM
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Inverted Gear Panda 3.0 Black Gi

How slim do these fit? I'm 6'3, about 200 lbs, but my A3L 93brand pants were too tight, and the top fit ok, but honestly was on the small side as far as the torso goes (it doesn't want to stay closed. A4 fuji is ok, but baggy everywhere.
12/19/2016 1:12:53 PM
Grips Athletics Secret Weapon 2.0 Navy Gi

6'4, 205, Do you think the A3 would be too small?  
4/27/2015 2:36:55 PM
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93brand Americana Spats

33/34 jeans, but that's only if they're athletic fit or stretch fit, my glutes/thighs are on the large side, not massive.
3/20/2017 2:29:44 AM
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