93brand V3 Athletic Tape Updated and Improved Edition
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93brand V3 Athletic Tape (Updated and Improved Edition)

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    93brand has revised their hypoallergenic athletic tape based on feedback from the earlier batches, and updated with a brand new colorway. Approximately 20% thinner than the initial 1/2-inch edition, allowing for easier maneuvering while taping fingers. Also equipped with a stronger and more long-lasting adhesive so it's stickier, holding strong while you train from start to finish. Updated artwork features a multi-color screenprint.

  • 1 cm width (approximately 0.394")
  • Sold as a six pack
  • Each roll is 10 yards
  • Angled printed graphics repeat over the length of the tape
  • Stronger bonding adhesive compared to original edition
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 93brand V3 Athletic Tape (Updated and Improved Edition) $9

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    todei79 User Profle Image
    todei79  -  Joined 12/21/2012

    Word on the mats is if you soak this tape in warm water for an hour , you should get armbar soap in large quantities. Can anyone confirm?

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