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Flow Kimonos Alpine Pro 2.10 - White

Long sleeve rash guard please  
2/26/2024 4:13:40 AM
Inverted Gear Ultra Light Panda - Black

Black gis are ugly  
2/23/2024 10:18:05 AM
Kureiji "Kritters" Rash Guard

A $35 rash guard doesn't seem like a discount  
2/19/2024 12:55:54 AM
93brand Vintage 2.0 Hoodie

Is $37 the amount they pay me to take the hoodie? Still not worth it   
2/11/2024 1:16:41 AM
Inverted Gear Panda 400 BJJ Gi - White

What's the shrinkage on these when you wash it (the gi not the wii)?  
2/4/2024 11:32:14 PM
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93brand Fleeced Joggers 2.0

Got in on the Manto x4. It looks pretty alright I guess  
2/2/2024 10:34:52 AM
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93brand Fleeced Joggers 2.0

What's a stripe
2/2/2024 10:20:44 AM
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Tatami "Hybrid Griffin" / "Need More Hugs" 2pack Tee

Don't be swayed by the haters
2/4/2024 3:44:02 AM
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Inverted Gear Panda 400 BJJ Gi - White

Nvm they don't even have my size so I don't care about the answer to my question
2/5/2024 4:05:37 AM
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Phalanx "Matrix" HPTX Shorts

I ordered something from them a week ago and it still hasn't even shipped if that makes you feel any better
2/7/2024 9:46:55 AM
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Kitsune MK1 Long-Sleeve Rashguard

Rainbow trout easy
2/10/2024 6:51:07 PM
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Kitsune "Cursive" Jiu Jitsu Gi

Does it shrink when you wash it?
2/14/2024 3:37:45 PM
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93brand "Hybrid" Hoodie

Well said
2/16/2024 12:25:28 AM
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93brand "Jiu Jitsu Originals" Casual Gi Pants - Dark Marl Grey

To let other dorks know you are also a dork
2/19/2024 11:44:05 PM
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93brand "Jiu Jitsu Originals" Casual Gi Pants - Dark Marl Grey

But to be fair these look pretty practical and better than just sweat pants
2/19/2024 11:45:22 PM
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93brand Twin Twill Duffel Bag - Black

How large is this thing? It honestly seems massive and looks like it would make a better travel bag than gym bag
2/24/2024 4:23:16 AM
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Tatami "Hybrid Griffin"/ "Need More Hugs" 2pack tee

Move to mountain time zone then it will be at 9pm
2/27/2024 2:42:01 PM
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