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Scramble "BAKA" Rash Guard Black/Seafoam

If you are a white belt and you don't buy all your expensive gear from BJJHQ, does that make you a kook?  
2/21/2024 11:52:09 PM
93brand Standard Issue L/S Rash Guard 2pack - Black/Smoke Grey

am i supposed to tuck the rashguard into my undies or does it go over the undies? asking for a friend  
11/20/2023 3:31:08 AM
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93brand "Cozy Sweater" Rash Guard V2

sevenstripe always posts the dumbest shit
12/6/2023 10:09:04 PM
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93brand "Construct" Convertible Gear Bag (Duffel/Backpack Hybrid)

when the pitcher throws four "balls" outside the strike zone, the batter can walk to first. but i have four balls and i can still walk to holeechits mom's house
3/8/2024 3:12:31 AM
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