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Tatami "Hybrid Griffin"/ "Need More Hugs" 2pack tee

Well shoot. Now I’ll be a douche that wears black tees with skulls and sh!t. I was tired of being a non-descript douche anyway.

Anyone know where i can order a mullet to complete my whitebelt DB look??
I’m soooo gonna get hate choked in class after they see the new look.   
2/27/2024 4:29:04 PM
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Meerkatsu "Laser Beam Flying Jitsunicorn" Shorts

I’ve never considered sticking my thumb in my bjj partners ass during free roll time,.. until i saw these shorts. No bung is safe now.   
2/3/2024 1:51:36 PM
93brand "Butterfly" Gear Bag

This bag holds all the dongs.
All. Of. Them.   
1/5/2024 2:33:40 PM
Phalanx "Metric BLK/Red" Short Sleeve Rash Guard

This really does feel like a deal, doesn’t it. Does it? Do you feel it?   
12/24/2023 2:27:05 PM
Inverted Gear Polka Panda Shorts

Aaaahhh! Solomon Grundy wants pants!!!  
12/16/2023 4:08:51 PM
Phalanx "Flow Field" Spats

When I wear these, I dont have to explain my pronouns.   
12/14/2023 2:50:23 PM
Tatami "Vortex" T-Shirt - Black

The pic on that shirt shows the pocket universe that is created when two buttholes collide and fully seal. Its called the “prison pocket” universe.   
11/19/2023 9:23:11 PM
29Niku "Less Thinking / More Action" Rash Guard

Everything posted here gives me the itchy snatch. Can anyone confirm this rashguard can guard my snatch against that kind of rash?  
11/17/2023 9:05:53 PM
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Tatami Azure Dragon Rashguard

I roll no shorts. Gi or no gi. Tap out with my balls out
11/14/2023 2:47:03 PM
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Phalanx "Strength and Honor" HPTX Shorts

Cheese for the Cheese god!!!!
11/15/2023 8:18:06 PM
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Tatami Tanjun BJJ Gi - White

White belt commando > No Gi.
Its all fun and gamez til the blue haired thing hits you with a clam slam. Then its real.
11/21/2023 10:17:59 PM
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Tatami Sugar Skull Long Sleeve Rash Guard - Blue

I need d”something with a wolf a skull and a dream catcher..
12/13/2023 10:09:33 PM
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Tatami Sugar Skull Long Sleeve Rash Guard - Blue

12/13/2023 10:07:48 PM
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Kureiji "Kritters" Grappling Shorts

More gay? Less blue gis?
12/25/2023 7:13:11 PM
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Tatami Recharge Leopard Print Shorts (HQ exclusive cut)

12/27/2023 10:22:46 AM
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Future Kimonos V1.0 Rash Guard Black

That womXn you chauvinistc dong. I hope your buru gets stuck in your nyuu.
1/3/2024 9:58:32 PM
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93brand "Butterfly" Gear Bag

1/5/2024 2:34:08 PM
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Phalanx Black Ops Arctic HPTX Shorts

Its fortune tellers. Gypsies are transient criminals.
They’re differnt. Don’t stereotyoe, bruh.
1/9/2024 9:38:23 PM
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Phalanx "Interrupter" HPTX Shorts

1/13/2024 4:39:42 PM
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Kitsune "Cursive MK2" BJJ Gi - Black

That’s soooo much better than moderately dope, which is where I usually operate. You may have sold me on this one.
1/18/2024 6:30:27 PM
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93brand "Gold Label V3" Jiu Jitsu Gi

Welcome…to the show. And the best part of your day.
1/22/2024 9:13:18 AM
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Kureiji "Kritters" Rash Guard

Lawl. Tuckit said “Yo Mamma”.
2/19/2024 7:42:05 PM
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Kureiji "Kritters" Rash Guard

I used to believe in the Victoria’s Secret Angels. But think they’re a bunch of fat gurls now.

They still got the fat angels??
2/19/2024 7:49:25 PM
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93brand "Jiu Jitsu Originals" Casual Gi Pants - Dark Marl Grey

He said not to slap your own nuts wearing tight pants because violence will cause your balls to swell if a lucky a mosquito lands on your sack.

Geez,.. pay attention.
2/20/2024 8:58:26 AM
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Tatami "Hybrid Griffin"/ "Need More Hugs" 2pack tee

And now stoopid admin wont show my Bought It sticker. Looks like im not the only DB here
2/27/2024 4:31:28 PM
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Phalanx "Strength and Honor" HPTX Shorts

Im pretty sure that’s latin for “foreskin knot”. Which is an ancient roman wrestling move so deadly that its been pretty much wiped from the memory banks.
2/28/2024 8:59:23 AM
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93brand XL Pearl Weave Duffel Bag (Olive Drab)

Don’t forget to post pics.
2/29/2024 9:27:37 PM
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Progress "Panther" Shorts - White

Even worse, they tell you’re on the rag before they smell it.
3/12/2024 12:50:47 PM
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Progress The Academy Gi - White

I bet looking at hamburgers makes you sweat.
4/18/2024 2:03:11 PM
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