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Meerkatsu Laughing Hannya Kimono - White

Been waiting for a blue gi.... :old man emoji:  
2/29/2024 11:05:46 PM
93brand Vintage 2.0 Hoodie

It's almost like they accidentally printed the logo on the wrong side of the hoodie. The back looks so GD empty.   
11/27/2023 11:09:58 PM
Jitsy Club Arctic Camo Long Sleeve Rash Guard

I can tell you something I'm not thankful for.   
11/23/2023 12:30:34 PM
93brand Monsters Short Sleeve Rash Guard

I was wondering why this guys belt was undone. Turns out it's a trench coat belt.   
10/31/2023 11:42:32 PM
93brand XL Pearl Weave Duffel Bag - Navy/Black

BJJHQ has definitely stepped their game up. The stuff I'm seeing on here has been great.

I'm bummed I can't buy a lot of the stuff because I ended up buying other gis already, but I'm definitely put to a decision everyday.

This bag looks gooooood.

How do we get the dude's hoodie?!!!  
9/23/2023 12:54:03 AM
Ground Game Yokai 3.0 Spats

I'm not buying this, but I gotta give BJJHQ a big high five for giving us something new.

This is why I come back to site, day in and day out.   
6/21/2023 12:20:52 AM
Inverted Gear "Uncouth" rashguard

This sold out in the first hour?! Wow. Y'all are weird.   
6/8/2023 11:47:40 PM
Half Sumo "Year of the Tiger" Short Sleeve Rash Guard

It's back. Sheesh. Didn't we see this a few days ago?  
5/30/2023 11:34:43 PM
Half Sumo Year of the Tiger Shorts

I wish they did 2-3 deals a day instead of one. I'm itching to but something, but damn, I gotta see this Ed Hardy knockoff before I see another varsity scramble gi, followed by some spikes for sandals, then the freakin varsity gi again?!

BJJ HQ, let's see more deals! Give us 3 hour rolling deals!  
5/23/2023 11:12:54 PM
93brand "Dark Tiger" Sliders

Limited sizes. This should be a rolling deal item.   
5/20/2023 11:24:48 PM
Kitsune "Bloom" Gi - Royal Blue

Dang, got here too late.

5'6" 160 - would putting the A2 in the dryer shrink it enough?  
5/5/2023 12:31:42 PM
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Kitsune "Bloom" Gi - Royal Blue

How much did it shrink. Thinking I'll grab an A1H next time this deal comes.
5/5/2023 2:08:18 PM
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Manto "X4" BJJ Gi - White

Bad kitty!
5/26/2023 8:53:13 AM
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Progress Jiu Jitsu M6 Kimono Mark 5 - Black

They only had A3 and up to begin with.
6/2/2023 2:56:26 PM
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93brand Standard Issue V2 Shorts 2-Pack

Who is disliking this?! That person was annoying and provided nothing to this site.
6/13/2023 11:25:28 PM
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Scramble Varsity Gi - Navy

I thought maybe it was a person mimicking a Japanese accent and saying "Brand new"
6/15/2023 5:59:38 PM
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Phalanx "Grey Worlds" HPTX Shorts

Exactly one whole pp. Anymore then you should have bought a smaller size.
9/7/2023 7:49:37 AM
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Phalanx "Flow Field" HPTX Shorts

The length is Sold Out inches.
10/12/2023 10:54:41 AM
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Go Forth "God Save The Queen" Rash Guard

Looks like you bought it though?
5/6/2024 11:38:40 PM
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