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Kitsune "Bloom" Compression-Lined Shorts - Navy

Every time I order something from this site they take my money and then say there are sold out, or it was damaged in processing, or they don't have anymore. Quite frankly it is getting very frustrating. I am sure if I order this three days later they will tell me they don' t have my size and I will have to wait forever for a refund.   
1/30/2023 11:19:44 PM
Phalanx "Grey Worlds" HPTX Shorts

Got em. Love these. My third pair of HTPX shorts I have bought for myself from BJJHQ and I have gotten two pairs for my son as well. Best shorts I have ever worn.  
1/16/2023 11:04:18 PM
Meerkatsu "Zen Unicorn" BJJ Gi - Black

Anyone else having problems getting items? I haven't gotten my orders and I haven't gotten any response from BJJhq. I have sent many emails and no one responds back. I am starting to worry I am not going to get my orders. There is no phone number. Has anyone else not gotten an order and had any success in getting in contact with anyone?  
9/26/2022 10:55:11 PM
Manto "Jungle" Rashguard

I hope they run the shorts of a similar design soon!  
9/1/2022 8:34:14 PM
Grips Secret Weapon Evo Blue

Awww! I was waiting for shorts like this and they have no sizes. The no-gi grapplers got no love in this flash sale. Not a lot of shorts options. Bummers.  
7/9/2022 9:40:46 PM
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Grips Secret Weapon Evo Blue

Get an A2L. I am 5'9" but with a 73.5" reach an A2 won't fit after a few washes. I only wear A2L and after a year or so they won't fit, and that is NEVER drying them.
7/9/2022 8:24:31 PM
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