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Phalanx "Ares" Long Sleeve Rash Guard

I farted too hard on friday and a big glob of yellow poo mucus came out of my butt and into my boxer shorts  
7/24/2022 6:44:52 AM
Progress Jiu Jitsu "Panther" Short Sleeve Rash Guard

Willy stiffy uh!  
7/18/2022 10:08:17 AM
Aesthetic Tie Dye Fight Shorts

Looks like my boxer shorts when my momma pulls them out of the washing basket. It ain't easy being high test lemme tell ya  
7/1/2022 8:09:21 AM
93brand 'Standard Issue' Spats 2-PACK - Updated 2022 Edition

If George Floyd was alive, he'd be a 3-stripe blue belt by now. Let that sink in before you make a racist comment chuds  
6/29/2022 5:15:53 AM
93brand Gotham Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Oooh, i've got a bat shuriken stuck in my willy!  
6/27/2022 9:05:08 AM
Meerkatsu "Heavenly Mata Leao" Rash Guard

This some doodoo ass bs. Give me some upside down panda  
6/24/2022 7:49:17 AM
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Tatami Technical Training T-Shirt - Grey

*farts in your face*
6/25/2022 7:04:50 AM
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Manto "Jungle" Fight Shorts

Jesus: 1
Satan: 0
6/26/2022 5:27:05 AM
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Manto "Jungle" Fight Shorts

I am a 177lb manlet with 32in inseam for pants and I'm between a S and M (I go with S because I liek shorts shorts)
6/26/2022 5:29:38 AM
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Manto "Jungle" Fight Shorts

Idk bro, I'm 5'9 if that helps.

People don't liek to hear the truth
6/26/2022 4:56:24 PM
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Phalanx "Cinza" RIZR Shorts

Holy shit, a talking horse!
6/28/2022 6:07:52 AM
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Manto "Miami" Grappling Spats

The fight shorts are very well made. I got a lightweight X3 gi for very cheap as well and it's held up alright, but the gi doesn't feel anywhere near as comfy or as high quality as my 93 brand one despite being the same price.
7/15/2022 11:22:37 AM
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Manto "Torn" Short Sleeve Rash Guard

I'm a 170lb manlet and I had to give my medium rashguard to my 130lb girlfriend lol. I'm medium in everything else (scramble, raine, tatami, etc...) but when I put this muhfugga on the material stretched so much you could see my nips and shit. Sad!
7/21/2022 6:38:37 AM
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Half Sumo Kensei Dogi - White

Many such cases. Sad!
7/27/2022 8:13:32 AM
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