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I get after it.
Manto "Diablo" Shorts

A lot of ppl in here saying these shorts are fugly, yet the Small and Medium sizes are all gone. GOD DAMNIT I WANTED A PAIR  
6/18/2022 1:11:19 PM
93brand GOTHAM Spats

Will update this post with fitting once I receive it  
5/19/2022 12:08:21 PM
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Tatami Technical Training T-Shirt - Grey

-Dry Tech are more like t-shirts and the material is lighter - they are more just to wick sweat away and keep you cool while covering your body. Rash guards tend to be thicker and more "rubbery" feeling, as they are supposed to be a barrier between you and mat burn (or scraping up against the ocean floor, since they were originally the shirts BJJ guys wore to the no-gi sparring classes before surfing).

6/25/2022 2:04:47 PM
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