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Flow Alpine Pro 2.10 BJJ Gi - Blue

Yes to this  
5/23/2024 3:10:11 AM
Flow Kimonos Alpine Pro 2.6 - Black

Ive worn my flow alpine pro gi for over a year and its been one of my favorites. Especially for the warmer days. Its lightweight but still very durable. The lapel is more rigid than other lightweight gis. Im 5-10, 180# and the A2 is spot on with minimal shrinkage. I also have the Air and Pro Series which are both great as well (and are IBJJF legal). Well worth getting one on sale.   
1/9/2024 11:37:35 PM
Tatami Sugar Skull Long Sleeve Rash Guard - Blue

I have this rash guard. Its legit and the silocone waist band is huge upgrade compared to the inverted and phalanx. Whenever i wear it i have no problem sub’n the trial class kids.   
12/13/2023 12:36:42 AM
Flow Kimonos Alpine Pro 2.0 - Navy Blue

Definitely recommend this gi. I love mine and A2 sizing is perfect for 180lbs, 5’10”. Ive had it over a year and its still holding up great. The patches are a little frayed after so much use and not embroidered like their Pro or Air series. I own 4 Flow gis and so do several other teammates. I currently live in Africa so the lighter weight is much apreciated!  
8/21/2023 5:54:56 AM
Nation Athletic "Death Cuddle Jiu Jitsu" Rash Guard

Its not terrible (like yellow & orange tiger stripes). And its more functional than “cooler” looking brands.  
8/15/2023 2:40:02 AM
Meerkatsu "Demon Hunter" Short Sleeve Rash Guard

My typical fierce combat scene is me on the toilet the morning after tacobell chased with jagerbombs. This rashie might help with the heavy sweating.  
8/3/2023 4:51:42 AM
Fuji "Dark Arts" Gi - White (HQ exclusive color)

Fuji gis are sized for girthy guys. The gis also have very little shrinkage. I used hot wash and hot dry with barely any affect to the fit. This was for the 550gsm so maybe the 350gsm will shrink a bit more.

Im 5-10 @ 180 and I was swimming in the A3 even though my dimensions are in the middle of the size range. Recommend sizing yourself at the top of the range.   
7/18/2023 6:22:37 AM
Inverted Gear Lucky Panda Ranked Rash Guard

Ive had mine over a year. Its held up well but the fit does cut into my armpits more than other rashies. If it had the rubber waistband like tatami it would be better.

FYI future kimonos has their under dawg rashie on sale. For $60 you get a ranked rashie with your name, flag, city, and @ tag  
7/13/2023 7:47:54 AM
Phalanx "Rogue Squad" Spats

The mens version doesnt get the tramp stamp logo 😔  
7/12/2023 7:07:43 AM
Inverted Gear Bamboo BJJ Gi - White

I dont have a bamboo panda gi, but my ultralight panda gi fits fairly well (A2, 5’10” 180#).

I do complain about the ripstop pants, which may be the same with the bamboo gi - the material is always very coarse and rigid after hang drying. The pants can almost stand on their own. I have to wear full spats under these. Only after warmups and getting sweaty do they feel comfortable-ish. I dont have this issue with my other ripstop pants (flow, kitsune, habrok).   
7/10/2023 5:21:19 AM
Fuji Comp Duffle - Grey and Black Bag

I too grabbed one of these last time - its been a great bag. I carry 3 gis plus tape, knee brace, water, and other goodies (I bring spares for the trial folks). Its a steal at this price.   
6/28/2023 3:29:06 PM
Kitsune "Barrage" Gear Bag - Brown

Distressed exterior. Just like my jiu jitsu.   
5/29/2023 7:36:59 AM
Progress M6 Mark 5 Gi - Green

Some kudos to Progress - its not terrible. I’ve see way worse green gi designs that cost more.   
4/21/2023 8:42:43 AM
Phalanx "Rush" Long Sleeve Rashguard

It’s not terrible. Better than the usual dragons and camo patterns.   
4/17/2023 11:14:39 PM
Tatami Eye of the Tiger Rashguard

Key piece of info: the waistband on tatami rash guards is highly under rated. After getting my first one, i stopped wearing other brands (panda, phalanx) and bought more tatami. They hold up better, have cooler temps, and easy wash/dry.

BTW better pricing on tatamis site for clearance.   
4/12/2023 4:31:59 AM
Kitsune "Hydro" Ombre Spats

Are the mats in your gym rated for dump trucks?  
2/18/2023 3:59:49 AM
Kitsune "Red Skies" White Gi

Those “direct print” logos didnt last long on my kitsune. Half of the logo has washed off after a dozen washes. But its only cosmetic - the gi still fits like day 2. Its my favorite all-around gi for fit and feel.   
2/6/2023 12:07:07 AM
93brand Standard Issue Rashguard 2-PACK (Black, Burgundy)

My fuji duffel arrived yesterday   
11/30/2022 2:53:40 PM
Phalanx "Glitch" Spats

Spats with or without shorts; which is acceptable?  
11/29/2022 12:13:21 AM
Manto "X4" BJJ Gi - Navy

Saying this gi is good for hardcore training would imply there is softcore training.   
11/13/2022 4:19:33 AM
Fuji All Around Blackout BJJ Gi

I bought this gi the last time it was on here. Its a solid gi and isnt showing any signs of wear or shrinkage after dozens of sessions. Its heavy though, which I like when I really want to work on my conditioning. And of course it keeps you cozy warm with the heavyweight jacket and twill pants.

The sizing for Fuji is a little more bulky than other brands. Im 5-10, 180# and usually A2. I bought this Fuji in A3 based on the chart. Theres extra length at my hands and feet and plenty of room inside. I tried warm wash and warm dry but hardly noticable shrinkage. I would likely fit A2 better.

Overall definitely recommend this gi at this price!  
10/5/2022 12:36:11 AM
Fuji Suparaito BJJ Gi Dark Arts Edition Black

Does anyone know if the Fuji fits fairly tailored or is it a bit roomy? I realize its body-type specific, but compared to other gis within the same sizes.   
6/23/2022 9:52:01 AM
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Tatami Control BJJ Gi - Black

Yes its pearl weave
8/16/2022 5:21:38 AM
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Inverted Gear Ultra Light Pearl Weave Gi - Black

I also wonder just how light this would feel; but I bought one even if its just for hot summer training. Regarding IBJJF - I have several gis with ripstop pants and are IBJJF legal (according to their product data) and I dont know anyone thats had issues at IBJJF inspection for ripstop (yet).
9/8/2022 6:52:45 AM
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Phalanx "Cinza" RIZR Shorts

My experience is yes, the waist is accurate. However if you’ve got pound-cakes in the trunk you might feel restricted crotchal movement.
10/3/2022 12:16:15 AM
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Scramble Kneeon Long Sleeve Rash Guard

My duffle order is “Printed, In Process” since Oct 18 ???????
10/28/2022 4:54:34 AM
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Scramble Kneeon Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Woah too many ?s I didnt type. I used the shoulder-shrug emoji.
10/28/2022 4:55:46 AM
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Scramble Kneeon Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Weird how it says I joined today but actually was in May I think.
10/28/2022 4:57:47 AM
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Kitsune "Red Skies" White Gi

I wear A2 in both brands - the inverted A2 pants are slimmer fitting.
2/5/2023 11:51:30 PM
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Kitsune "Red Skies" White Gi

Gold weave was the upgraded weave from the old days, when you could only choose between single weave or double weave. The gold is like the goldilocks choice. A 450gsm gold weave may not feel as light as a 450gsm pearl weave, but it does feel more like a competition gi. But its just a preference.
2/6/2023 12:02:40 AM
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Inverted Gear Panda Short Sleeve Ranked Rashguard

Same for me - plus the high maintenance cleaning instructions. My tatami rashies are way better with the fit and the silicone at the waist.
3/9/2023 5:59:47 AM
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Phalanx "Black Ops ALT" Rashguard

Black Ops Matter too bruh
3/30/2023 6:09:41 AM
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Kitsune "Bloom" Gi - Royal Blue

I have pandas, origin, flow, and kitsune gis. All around the kitsune is my top gi. The lettering on the pants doesnt last long but otherwise everthing else performs well. Im 5-10” 180# and the A2 is spot on.
5/5/2023 4:11:13 AM
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93brand "Construct" Convertible Gear Bag (Duffel/Backpack Hybrid) - Black

Fuji bag is pretty dope though, once it finally arrived. It doesnt have the laptop sleeve but i dont realky need one.
5/23/2023 4:15:03 PM
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Kitsune "Barrage" Gear Bag - Brown

Agree this is a bag for nogi class. Or other errands. Its a nice bag but requires much effort to pack/unpack gi with belt, water bottle, tape, etc.
8/10/2023 3:30:10 AM
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Phalanx "Grey Worlds" HPTX Shorts

Please clarify the question: Handle as-in contain from the inside or Handle as-in withstand from the outside?
9/7/2023 4:55:24 AM
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Phalanx "Sharp" Long Sleeve Rash Guard

So does the womens version
10/6/2023 1:13:36 AM
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Fuji Lightweight Gi - Blue

Order your size on the top end if the range. There will be plenty of room.
6/8/2024 5:07:57 AM
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