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93brand "Leg Locks" Tee

Would totally buy this if the design was on the front. No use whatsoever for a tshirt with a cool design on the back, I will never understand the logic behind that. Why hide the artwork behind the inside the back of my jacket or overshirt, where it will almost never be seen.  
7/29/2021 11:06:15 PM
Kitsune "Barrage" Gear Bag

Bought this a few months ago, when it popped up as a deal then. Been using it every day as my main training bag ever since. Fkn Love it. Highly recommend! Simple, durable, & stylish. (Wish I could say the same about my jiujitsu...)  
7/28/2021 11:16:52 PM
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Fuji "Team Fuji" Rashguard

Dang, was hoping they would have the various colors as options tonight. The black & gold, specifically. Ah well, 1st world problems. At least my wallet won't have to tap out tonight. See y'all on the morrow  
7/27/2021 11:04:03 PM
93brand "Gotham" Short-Sleeve Rashguard

Dammit missed my size, already sold out.

Now I know exactly how Bruce Wayne felt when both his parents were killed  
7/24/2021 11:14:35 PM
Inverted Gear Pearl Weave Alpargatas - Black/Grey

Gi shoes are great for when I need to pull guard in the streets.  
7/20/2021 11:05:38 PM
Inverted Gear "Panda Nation" Tank Top

I can see the pitch meeting now: "New tshirt idea... hear me out. It's like the alien chick from Total Recall, okay? But instead of boobs: Pandas."  
7/7/2021 11:13:55 PM
Half Sumo Red Yurei 2021 Edition Spats

If they were black & red, I'd buy em in a heartbeat. Blue & red... eh. I think I will just think about it longer until my size sells out, & then wish I had bought them  
7/5/2021 11:21:41 PM
93brand "Gotham" Rash Guard

It would appear Bruce Wayne is a medium. Too bad for the rest of us.  
7/2/2021 11:32:42 PM
93brand "Dark Tiger" Sliders

They might be uncomfortable & fall apart easily, but hey at least they are also ugly. Seems like a solid investment  
6/5/2021 11:38:31 PM
Tatami Rival Grappling Spats - Black & Camo

Wow! Original luchador mask worn by Kazushi Sakuraba, only 25 bucks! (plus $5 shipping) Glad I jumped on that one!  
6/5/2021 3:27:59 PM
Kitsune Kimonos "Dragon" - Classic Blue

How much for just that sweet bag  
5/27/2021 11:45:16 PM
Fuji Electric Grappling Shorts

This will go great with the LEGLOCKER rashguard of the same color, if I can ever find one of those or if they ever make them again  
5/25/2021 12:56:00 PM
93brand "Fibers" Rashguard

If ranch dressing was a rashguard  
5/3/2021 11:16:28 PM
93brand "Fibers" Rashguard

Finally, something I don't want. My wallet needed a break.   
5/3/2021 11:11:39 PM
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KS X Scramble Rashguard

As long as you can do a kimura, you're good
5/8/2021 11:06:40 PM
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Tatami Kitty Cat Grappling Spats

Bro... you ever see a kitty cat fire off a berimbolo? Effortless. Makes Imanari look like a sloppy drunk falling over. Just sayin.
5/9/2021 11:20:52 PM
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Nine Lives Nesting Dolls Rashguard

I have not worn this particular brand, but my general rule of thumb with rashguards is: whatever size t-shirt you wear, just go up 1 size from that, when getting your rashguard. Across lots of different brands, that usually works out well to be a good fit.
5/12/2021 8:57:06 AM
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Tatami Dry Tech Gear Bag Grey/Black

Whatever your regular gear bag is, keep a very light nylon or hemp cinch string laundry bag inside it. When done training, shove your wet gi into that before you then put it in your main bag to head home. That way your main gear bag stays clean.
7/4/2021 11:26:40 PM
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Kitsune "Barrage" Gear Bag

For the record it fits 1 full gi, my belt, a few rashguards, my water thermos, & a folded stink bag no problem. It also has an inner zipper compartment where I keep a few nail trimmers & a knuckle massager. Also has an outer zipper compartment, where you can put bigger stuff like a phone & wallet when you're at a tournament or something. Love this thing all around.
7/28/2021 11:20:28 PM
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