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Flow Kimonos Feather 3.0 White

Looks like imma be up all night.   
11/23/2023 11:02:56 PM
Kitsune "Barrage" Gear Bag - Brown

I have this bag and it's fantastic. Used it many many times over the last few years and it shows no wear. It's become my go to for everything. Some of y'all complaining that the straps are cheap....they're not. The thick canvas is indestructible. This bag is _very_ sturdy and well made.   
10/28/2023 10:21:34 AM
Kitsune "Barrage" Gear Bag - Brown

I have this bag in grey and love it. It is extremely well made. Feels like it will last forever. I use it several times a week. It's got one small internal zipped compartment, one small external zipped compartment, and a long zipper on one side that lets you access the main compartment. Is it huge? No. I have managed to fit a water bottle, keys, wallet, chapstick, clean clothes and a gi in it, but that's maxed out and only works when you pack very efficiently...and you'll have to unpack everything to find anything. So I only use it for nogi, or a regular gym bag, or anytime I go anywhere for the day. It's a fantastic bag.   
5/29/2023 9:34:44 PM
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