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2-PACK of 93brand Underwear (Updated 2021 Edition)

Can you put cheezits in the tiny pocket . i wanto eat cheezit during triangle chonk  
2/23/2021 1:04:37 AM
93brand MINT Spats

hi i am 2 foot 3 659 pounds what size would you reccomend  
12/25/2020 12:40:59 AM
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Inverted Gear Long Sleeve Ranked Rashguard

No you cant if you put it on it will burn you because of the ancient jiujitsu spirits ??
10/24/2020 4:10:55 PM
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93brand MINT Spats

thanks. im basically shaped like a beanbag i just roll around everywhere but i dont want to chafe
12/25/2020 1:01:37 AM
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Kitsune Cursive LITE - Black Jiu Jitsu Gi

probably not dude the weave is way too light. This is the same weave reffered to by hyperfly as 'starweave' and by flow as 'diamond' weave. Its sort of a hybrid ripstop material with spaced out pearl rivets. Very resistant to shrinkage and good for travel and drillin/light rolla. Not as common as pearl weaves obvious so generally made in smaller batches. Very comfortable tho much reccomend ?
2/24/2021 12:01:55 AM
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