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Nine Lives Jiu Jitsu "LLDW" Rashguard

This purchase was a no-brainer. It lets these fancy leg lock and new age jiu-jitsu people know ahead of time to not even try it.   
1/25/2020 12:21:42 AM
Kitsune Kimonos "Prime" Ombre Spats

Nice leggings. People need to toughen up and take their staph infections like a man.  
1/11/2020 12:37:53 AM
93brand Standard Issue Blue Gi

Not sure how I feel about that brown belt choke slamming a female white belt. Seems like poor etiquette.  
12/2/2019 1:33:32 AM
Kitsune "Cursive" BJJ Gi

Looks nice but a tough break for Kitsune. Ain't nobody gonna have any money left after yesterday's amazing deal.   
11/5/2019 12:12:57 AM
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Vital "Throne" BJJ Gi - Black

The 93Brand gi they had on a few days ago was pretty darn sharp. I would take that one over a couple of the brands you listed.
9/19/2019 1:02:53 AM
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93brand "Water" Pattern Shorts

Not sure what you mean. But if your implying they should be shorter, I agree.
9/26/2019 7:58:57 PM
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93brand "Splatter V2" Navy Blue Shorts

Good to know. I'm between sizes. I'll probably size down in these.
12/5/2019 1:16:19 AM
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Meerkatsu "Fire Tiger" BJJ Gi - Black

Seems like a terrible way to go out, having your entire head catch on fire.
12/6/2019 12:37:45 AM
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Phalanx Worlds Victory HPLT Shorts

Phalanx is a good brand. I have a couple of these. Very lightweight, like you're wearing nothing. Quality of their products is very good. I prefer thick, old school style board shorts though. Sizing on their shorts is pretty spot on.
12/18/2019 7:44:21 PM
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Phalanx Submission Hunter RIZR Shorts

I have two pairs of Phalanx shorts. They are very true to size. If you're a 34, get a 34. If you're in between sizes, you're in a bit of a pickle.
12/31/2019 7:43:41 PM
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Tatami Estilo 5.0 Gi - Blue Graphite

I got that one...really nice. Comes small though, get a size larger than normal if they roll it.
1/4/2020 7:07:59 AM
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Nine Lives "Chapter 8 - Figure 8" BJJ Gi - Black

This is the white version. The black version is a lot darker.
1/17/2020 11:41:26 PM
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Nine Lives "Chapter 8 - Figure 8" BJJ Gi - Black

Yes, some schools make you match the gi to the belt. That's why I'm still waiting for a deal of the day on a Hot Carl brand brown gi.

Any chance of this happening soon?
1/17/2020 11:39:37 PM
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Nine Lives "Hip Escape" Rashguard

I have a different one same brand. It runs pretty tight.
5/4/2020 1:00:12 AM
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Nine Lives "Hip Escape" Rashguard

I usually wear a medium rashguard. But based on my other nine lives short sleeve rashguard, I ordered a large in this one.
5/4/2020 1:18:19 AM
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