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Phalanx "Matrix" HPTX Shorts

Does the Matrix Code (dots...) on these shorts actually light up like it appears? Asking for a friend.
But for real - do the dots reflect and flash? My technique is trash, but these shorts SMASH.  
9/14/2023 11:18:55 PM
Phalanx "Speed" Rash Guard

I'm now $38 dollars poorer because I checked my email.  
5/27/2023 11:37:03 AM
Kitsune "Twin Dragon" Bag

Have been actively looking for a bag with backstraps (easy walking, biking) to hold all my bjj and mma gear all in one, without breaking an arm and a leg (see what I did there?) The gods are kind and merciful. Yay. Good deal and I like the low-key design, not gaudy looking.  
5/15/2023 12:27:54 PM
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Tatami Elements Ultralite 2.0 Gi - Black

Yes, the Manto "Strong Waves, Calm Mind" gi.
7/11/2019 12:35:45 PM
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