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Fuji #7000 All Around Jiu Jitsu Gi

What happens if you drink Fiji water while wearing this gi  
4/20/2020 3:20:33 AM
Phalanx "Beast Mode" Long Sleeve Rashguard

These look like the jumpball uniforms used in Starship Troopers  
4/19/2020 3:54:03 AM
Phalanx Worlds Victory HPLT Shorts

Can you sell toilet paper  
3/17/2020 4:37:46 AM
Tatami Technical Training Shirt

Professor: why are you wearing your 3 stripe white belt like a bra?  
3/9/2020 10:00:47 AM
Tatami Technical Training Shirt

3 stripe white belt: hey this is perfect   
3/9/2020 9:58:33 AM
Holdfast Competitor Series: Army Inspired - Shorts

when you wanna look like guile from street fighter and sonic boom people  
1/8/2020 6:20:10 AM
Dokebi "Steel Jungle" Rashguard

Is this suitable to wear to a wedding  
1/3/2020 4:16:57 AM
93brand "Gotham" Short-Sleeve Rashguard

The pictures make it seem like the two models are having relationship problems, i hope they are alright  
1/1/2020 6:36:05 PM
93brand V3 Athletic Tape (Updated and Improved Edition)

This tape is great but the only downside is that they cannot be used or redeemed at casinos as poker chips  
12/16/2019 3:26:12 AM
Tatami Jiu Jitsu Gear Bag - Blue

The convertible bag is good, the multiple compartments do keep everything nice and organized. I just wish the hidden shoulder straps could hang themselves unlike Jeffrey Epstein who didn’t kill himself.  
11/18/2019 4:38:48 PM
Kitsune "Cursive" BJJ Gi

>>Be me
>>had a recent personal tragedy occur, lowest point in my adult life
>>made me think about life and how limited our time is, mortality, and the afterlife
>>took time off work, took a break from everything
>>no training, no picking up calls, no replying to text, no emails, no social media
>>bought one way ticket to place I’ve always wanted to go someday
>>”today not someday”
>>use internet sparingly only for directions and travel etc
>>travel the world free of responsibility, ironically, it was almost liberating when you realize how little time we have
>>meet and hang out with random strangers, eat delicious food, got lost, experienced life in its purest form
>>I’m literally Anthony Bourdain in his prime bruh, rip
>>even little things were cool, I even ate a mango on the way to the beach and finished it just as I got in the water
>>the mango juice on my face and neck washing away with the ocean waves, 10/10 would do that again
>>a simple act, a moment, beautiful and fleeting, life is compiled of these small moment
>>beautiful trip, my only regret was the small case of ringworm I received from a hostel I stayed at
>>nothing a few hand picked high grade oils, butters and exfoliants to nourish the skin couldn’t fix
>>but I digress
>>finally go home, and begin to heal and pick up the pieces of my life
>>catching up on internet stuff, finally login to BJJHQ
>>7:59 PM PST
>>wait, what, now? Is this real life?
>>it’s happening y’all
>>8:00 PM PST
>>the page refreshes
>>wow, fml  
11/4/2019 11:01:23 PM
Kitsune "Heroes" Compression Hybrid Shorts

>>Be me, Eccentric and reclusive CEO and owner of BJJHQ
>>Walk onto stage of HQ-CON 2023
>>Stand silent amid applause, building the anticipation
>>I’m wearing sunglasses and have a bored look on my face
>>the applause dies down and without a word I snap my fingers
>>*Snap* suddenly on the screen behind me appears in big white letters FREE SHIPPING
>>standing ovation from the crowd, people are throwing roses and used compression briefs at my feet
>>an uproar from the crowd, some men fall on their knees and weep, some people are speaking in different tongues they’ve never spoken before
>>now everyone is in tears, some are foaming at the mouth, women become heavily pregnant
>>people are involuntarily urinating and defecating, a few woman give birth in the aisle
>>I pause to give everyone time to recover and catch their breath, I pull out a chicken sandwich and take slow calculated bites before raising my hand
>>The crowd is screaming and clapping, several people clap so hard until their hands are bloody stumps
>>In the audience a man in a wheelchair stands for the first time
>>People are pushing against the stage trying to grab me
>>fights ensue, the crowd is full on rioting, my security is quickly overwhelmed by people attempting to storm the stage
>>the people are in a frenzy, it’s pandemonium, women are trying to hand me their babies
>>the ceiling of the venue opens up to reveal a helicopter in the wings, it’s loud propellers were drowned out from all the crowd this whole time
>>I open my jacket to reveal a harness. my staff quickly connects me to some cables as I am lifted above the crowd
>>my valiant staff and venue security salute me before they are swept away by the surging crowd
>>their sacrifice will not have been in vain
>>their next of Kin will each receive a Pair of complimentary Kitsune compression shorts
>>I still have a bored look on my face as I’m still eating my sandwich, floating above everyone
>>I snap one last time, almost as an afterthought
>>I throw the rest of my Popeyes chicken sandwich into the writhing crowd below, before being whisked away via helicopter
>>thank you bjjhq and armbar soap you’ve done it again   
10/27/2019 11:04:59 PM
Dollamur 5'x10' Flexi-Roll Home BJJ Mat

>>Be me, in my compression underwear hanging out Saturday AM
>>hear the deafening roar of helicopter above my dingy apartment
>>open door to see eccentric billionaire philanthropist playboy CEO of BJJHQ disembarking helicopter
>>he’s wearing a sharp suit with sunglasses, he basically Tony Stark but way cooler bc he actually trains BJJ
>>he has escort of mean huge cauliflower eared men in suits and sunglasses as well
>>they are each carrying briefcases
>>CEO walks into my place with his bodyguards, a look of boredom on his face
>>”just decided to swing by to deliver ur purchase... the scribble shirt was it?”
>>I’m sweating bullets, I look around to make sure no one heard, no one was supposed to find out about that
>>”I also wanted to talk to you about the armbar soap stories.. they are.... taking focus away from our other great products”
>>”I’ve got a proposition for you, and I’ve brought gifts”
>>his staff opens breifcases to reveal a multitude of armbar soap products, deodorants, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, toothpaste, lubricant, enema?
>>”these new unreleased prototypes and a lifetime of armbar soap shipped to your house monthly if you promise to never post a story again”
>>”I also brought mats” his employees unfurl beautiful dollamur mats in my living room, this is the pinnacle of bjjhq deals
>>*so much room for activities*
>>he reaches his hand out to seal the deal, omg
>>I reach for his hand, shaking in fear and excitement, thinking about all the soap I’m going to be drowning in, the new gym that is my living room
>>pause, it’s completely silent. A tense moment
>>I recoil my hand and with steady eye contact and an unbreaking voice I respond:
>>”this soap doesn’t belong to one man, it belongs to the people, and I’ll never sell out or be bought out, armbar soap isn’t just a product, it’s a lifestyle”
>>if you don’t stand for anything, you’ll be submitted by everything
>>the guards close the briefcases, roll up the mats, and they all take their leave
>>a single tear rolls down my cheek
>>no more Armbar enema tho
>>I close the door and collapse on the floor trembling from adrenaline and fear
>>I take a soapy shower to clear my head
before logging into bjjhq to post a comment
>>somewhere @NoGiNoGi wails angry tears in the distance.. as usual
>>feels good man
>>thank you bjjhq and armbar soap you’ve done it again   
10/25/2019 11:39:23 PM
Tatami Grey Camo Gearbag

>>im on a date with a woman I met on tinder
>>she’s been whispering in my cauliflower ears all night
>>we both end up back at her place
>>we start getting intimate
>>she gets on top, I’m on bottom
>>in a moment of heat I tell her, “let’s take this to the shower”
>>with bedroom eyes she replies, “sure, I have some defense soap”
>>*record scratch*
>>ultra instinct activated
>>I immediately put my frames up and hip bump trying to escape her high mount
>>she’s still hugging my upper body tight in side control, confused
>>I shrimp out and push out creating space, throw a knee shield up
>>she’s frantically asking me what’s wrong still trying to hold on
>>I put both my feet on her hips and push her off before shoulder rolling off the other side of the bed
>>she’s tries to grab my hands, I grip fight her off me, not today you evil succubus
>>grab my stuff and throw it in my tatami duffle
>>get dressed and run home
>>this was the worst no gi date I’ve ever been on
>>go home and wash off the impurities from that casual encounter using my armbar soap
>>thank god for its anti fungal properties
>>peruse bjjhq and make @noginogi cry angry tears
>>feels goodman
>>thanks BJJ and armbar soap, you’ve done it again   
10/24/2019 11:15:02 PM
93brand x Half Sumo "STRIKE" Unbleached BJJ Gi

The male model is enjoying that single leg a little too much   
10/23/2019 11:34:13 PM
Meerkatsu "Combate Apes" Rashguard

>>Wife and kids are finally leaving me
>>I spent too much money on gear and too much time away from family training Jiu jitsu nonstop
>>relationship with wife has been on the rocks for years my kids hate me
>>my family life detoriated, but my BJJ is decent
>>their bags are packed they are staying at my wife’s sisters house, divorce is imminent
>>it barely registers with my son and daughter, they are so addicted to their phones and gaming devices
>>they haven’t talked to me in months
>>wife and kids walking out the door when they see a package on the ground
>>I lie and say it’s a gift for them. not really sure what it is
>>wife hesitantly opens it, a guarded look on her face
>>her face looks old from the bitterness, resentment, disappointment, anger, sadness
>>a look of surprise, then a small smile
>>all the negative emotions melt off her face as she pulls item out of package
>>armbar soap
>>she’s beaming
>>the anti fungal aroma wafts into the air and envelopes our family in its fragrant loving embrace
>>My kids immediately put their phones down and walk over to our bookcase
>>pull out my books on BJJ and open them up before reading them on the ground
>>my wife looks 15 years younger, the twinkle has returned to her eye
>>my kids in unison ask, “papa, may we come with you to Jiu jitsu class one day, please?”
>>my wife interjects, “maybe all of OSS can go and start fresh and new as a family”
>>a family hug ensues as we breathe in the refreshing sparkling entrancing antifungal armbar soap aroma, it surrounds us like a protective aura from all negativity
>>Thanks BJJHQ, thank you armbar soap, you’ve done it again   
10/22/2019 11:01:33 PM
Flow Kimonos "Air" BJJ Gi - Blue

>>open my package of armbar soap & find ultra rare golden ticket
>>the ticket is to tour BJJHQ headquarters, once in a lifetime
>>I show up & an old janitor gives me a tour
>>it’s literally a fantasy come to life, a wonderland ripped straight from a child’s fever dream
>>Talk at length and earnestly about our shared passion for BJJ and BJJ accessories and gear
>>have a great time spend all day looking around, he’s a cool old man
>>at end of day he walks me out to my car and we exchange bro hug
>>I feel him reach into my pocket
>>panic and start grip fighting
>>it turns out he slipped keys and a deed to the building in my pocket, tells me he transferred ownership of the company to me
>>he reveals himself to be the actual reclusive eccentric billionaire owner and CFO of BJJHQ, (he’s like a mix of Willy Wonka, Stan Lee, and Elon Musk)
>>he was waiting for someone worthy to come along to inherit the business and pass along to the next generation this gift to humanity
>>someone pure of heart like me
>>hes chosen me as his one true successor
>>I am sole owner of the company now
>>promise him I’ll always do the right thing and do good by the company
>>he smiles & walks off into the sunset
>>Fast Forward 1 year
>>I’m able to turn rolling deals on/off on a whim thru my phone
>>I’ve had rolling deals going a year straight, did it to flex and stunt, totally abusing my power
>> board of directors begging me to stop the rolling deals for a multitude of reasons
>>I fire them all, the deals must roll on, for all eternity
>>I confiscate all their items on their desks and sell them on rolling deals
>>I singlehandedly boost US economy, my company has surpassed Apple and Amazon
>>I’m literally Santaclaus and my employees are elves except it’s Xmas all day everyday, every 20 minutes, baby
>>Elves resent me, esp since I refer to them as my elves, and work them nonstop to slang deals indefinitely
>>Thanks BJJHQ and Armbar soap, you’ve done it again, you’ve made my dreams come true  
10/21/2019 11:00:23 PM
Tatami "Hamster" Spats

>>BJJHQ Press conference in a large packed stadium. major announcement time:
>>Everyone in attendance eagerly awaiting the news
>>The CEO of BJJHQ saunters onto stage and says, “we’ve heard your demands and we’re finally going to give you what you want...”
>>people are trembling in anticipation, some people urinate and defecate themselves involuntarily
>>”SAME DAY Delivery!”
>> the audience starts wailing, everyone is weeping uncontrollably in happiness
>>”don’t forget the free shipping!”
>>multiple people start foaming at the mouth, others vomiting ecstasy
>>”did I mention also combine multiple orders together so your wives don’t get mad at all the purchases?”
>>millions of people across the world simultaneously turn and pray towards the direction of bjjhq headquarters, it is now a holy site
>>”forgot to mention our next rolling deals will last an entire YEAR....STRAIGHT”
>>a majority of people in attendance lose consciousness and start convulsing from shock, total chaos, a few die instantaneously with smiles on their faces
>>”and we’ll include a 12 pack of arm bar soap for every purchase!”
>>the world starts shaking, a rift in time and space opens up, reality is in danger of ceasing to exist
>>”in fact everyone look under your seats right now!”
>>everyone still alive pulls out hamster spats from under their chairs, even people at home watching on live broadcast find hamster spats under their chairs, wtf
>>people standing look down and see themselves wearing hamster spats, how??
>>a bright white light encapsulates the entire world and everyone is transcended to a higher plane called Nirvana which is pure bliss
>>everyone is now enlightened and speaking only in Brazilian now
>>thank you BJJHQ and armbar soap & hamster spats, you’ve done it again  
10/18/2019 11:17:50 PM
Venum "Contender Evo" BJJ Gi - Blue

>>Year 2020
>>BJJHQ announces free armbar soap with each purchase
>>Customers everywhere rejoice
>>BJJHQ “but why stop there? Everyone gets 1,000 store credit to 93brand store”
>>men fall on their knees and weep
>>women become instantly pregnant
>rashguards are now socially acceptable clothing to wear to casual and forma events- actually encouraged
>>Gi and No Gi BJJ practioners finally make peace
>>All BJJ online guides are now instantly free and open to the public in every public library and online
>>BJJ is now recognized as an Olympic sport- the ONLY olympic sport
>>Aikido is outlawed and highly illegal
>>thank you so much BJJHQ for this gift to humanity starting with armbar soap
10/17/2019 11:35:32 PM
Phalanx "Black Ops" Short Sleeve Rashguard

>>BJJHQ implements new policy that it includes a random Armbar Soap with each shipped order
>>grown men cry out in happiness
>>wives allow their husbands to buy unlimited bjj gear free if judgement
>>peace in the middle east is obtained
>>crime reduces to 0%, employment goes to 100%
>>world peace is attained
>>Children are able to play in the street unattended without worry
>>work provides PTO and benefits for people to train BJJ
>>World Peace   
10/17/2019 4:24:50 PM
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93brand "Hybrid" Hoodie

13 pictures and not 1 clear picture of the back of the hoodie  
10/14/2019 4:41:20 AM
1 Comment
93brand "Hybrid" Hoodie

What is everyone planning to put into that pocket tho  
10/14/2019 2:19:01 AM
Venum Challenger Pro Backpack - Green/Black

When I take your back, be careful or else i’ll inject my VENUM inside of you

10/11/2019 1:29:27 AM
Kitsune "MK1" Shorts

Technically anytime im not wearing a gi... am i officially in no gi clothing?  
10/9/2019 2:35:05 AM
Venum "Contender Evo" BJJ Gi - Dark Grey

When I roll with you, I STRIKE like a VIPER. Then I get your back and INJECT my VENUM ! 🐍🐍🐍   
9/21/2019 3:29:54 PM
1 Comment
Fuji Ice Grappling Shorts

ever since they had that one Raven rashguard with the preacher, green smoke, guns, flames and snakes, no one holds back on these comments... that rashguard is nothing but trouble, it cursed us  
9/15/2019 1:04:18 AM
93brand "Goose OG" Jiu Jitsu Gi

This gi looks dope but 500 GSM seems like i would overheat within seconds.

It looks thick enough to be staff and bulletproof  
9/14/2019 12:41:27 AM
Venum Trainer Lite Sports Bag - Black/Neo Yellow

How many 12oz cans of WhiteClaw can this bag hold? Asking for a friend   
9/13/2019 12:10:24 AM
93brand "Body Butchers" Tee

BJJ shirt designs are always so IN YOUR FACE. I wanna rep some lowkey bjj apparel without people thinking im trying to be a toughguy or a serial killer  
9/10/2019 11:58:09 PM
Fuji "Submit Everyone" Short Sleeve Rashguard

What if they dont even do BJJ? What if they are just innocent people going about their day?

Fuji rashguard: i said everyone, i meant everyone  
9/7/2019 11:49:52 PM
Manto Pura Vida 2.0 BJJ Gi - Black

The birds remind me of PS1 logos  
9/2/2019 1:06:33 PM
Scramble "Kuro" Spats

As a strong independent male I dont just wear these to no gi (without shorts) i wear them out afterwards to go to bars. These spats will make you feel empowered, strong, sexy and cool  
8/31/2019 2:47:53 AM
Scramble "Kuro" Spats

8/31/2019 2:41:23 AM
Fuji" Submit Everyone" BJJ Gi

Fuji on the outside, VENUM on the inside

8/30/2019 2:30:06 AM
1 Comment
Raven "Wild West - The Lawman" Spats

Thats So Raven  
8/25/2019 3:46:13 AM
Vital "Throne" BJJ Gi - White

its nice to see a bjj gi represent its clearly CHINESE roots  
8/15/2019 8:15:59 PM
93brand "Goose Feather" Lightweight Blue Jiu Jitsu Gi

8/12/2019 12:24:17 AM
Kitsune Corduroy Hat

Petition to BAN all Raven & Venum gear (except for the Venum mouthguards) from BJJHQ forever

Lets banish these two companies to the shadow realm  
8/11/2019 3:19:21 AM
Raven "The Gods of Egypt - Anubis" Shorts

I actually have these shorts.. they are pretty great when i’m eating, sleeping, and begging my elderly mother for allowance so i can add another display samurai sword to my sweet collection. These shorts also look cool when i make vape clouds adding to the mystery which is me  
8/10/2019 3:36:51 AM
Venum Elite 2.0 Jiu Jitsu Gi - Blue

Question: if it says elite. Does it mean my jiu jitsu will be elite if i wear this, pls advise
8/4/2019 1:31:28 PM
Fuji Lightweight BJJ Gi - White

did anyone buy those mats last week and did you receive them yet?  
7/29/2019 2:45:49 AM
Phalanx "Worlds RIZR Ultralight" Shorts - Black

These shorts are okay, but there is no design of a sci fi preacher with a rifle, with green smoke, and snakes and skeletons?  
7/27/2019 2:32:20 AM
Raven "Wild West - The Preacher" Rashguard

I actually bought one of these and it actually pairs well with my trenchcoat and fedora... i couldn’t keep the m’ladies away.

My anime sword collection and extensive aikido knowledge probably didn’t hurt either ;-)   
7/25/2019 2:59:41 AM
HoldFast Sailor Jerry 2.0 Gi

When you have be at the Jersey Shore by 2pm but you got BJJ at 12.

*For any Gi companies reading this feedback, customers dont like overly gaudy gi’s and we never will. Stop making this trash, thanks.*  
7/15/2019 6:59:16 AM
Hyperfly "Pressure" BJJ Gi

Hyperfly ruining their brand reputation in one BJJ HQ release lmao  
7/4/2019 3:40:39 PM
1 Comment
Gr1ps Primero Competition BJJ Gi - White

Im just curious, did they happen to sell any Hyperfly rashguards in the rolling deals?  
6/30/2019 1:05:51 AM
93brand Microfiber "Praia" Towel

6/29/2019 6:37:58 AM
Comment on:
Hyperfly "Pressure" BJJ Gi

HyperFly is officially an EDGELORD brand like Venum
7/4/2019 4:27:24 PM
Comment on:
Fuji" Submit Everyone" BJJ Gi

Btw guys if you zoom into the crotch, theres a tiny black dot, its to pee out of
8/30/2019 2:32:02 AM
Comment on:
Hyperfly Hyperlyte SGT Jiu Jitsu Gi - Grey

Thats why you gotta marry another man so you guys could both order multiple bjjhq packages without judgement
9/7/2019 7:18:39 PM
Comment on:
Venum "Contender Evo" BJJ Gi - Dark Grey

tap early or you’ll be cleaning up VENUM for DAYS.
9/21/2019 3:31:03 PM
Comment on:
Phalanx "Soldier One USA" Short Sleeve Rashguard

If he dies he dies, american style
10/4/2019 5:56:24 PM
Comment on:
Triumph United Series 2 White Gi

Hyperlyte Black Ice Gi 99$
10/5/2019 9:34:56 AM
Comment on:
Dokebi "Steel Jungle" Rashguard

I just googled why John Danaher wears a rashguard everywhere and i guess its a very common question
10/12/2019 4:25:55 AM
Comment on:
Dokebi "Steel Jungle" Rashguard

Danaher: Arguably the question i am asked more than any other has nothing to do with jiu jitsu. “Why do you always wear a rashguard?” First let me dispel a commonly voiced, but incorrect theory. It has nothing to do with fighting or being ready for fights. In my current physical state, an aggressive five year old could easily defeat me with a simple kick to the knee or hip or even a simple push – a rash guard isn’t going to save me! My reasons are purely practical. First, they are very comfortable, Second, they are easily washed and dried. Third, they are extremely low maintenance/wrinkle free/easily packed for travel etc. Fourth, being a low friction material, they are well adapted for wear under a jacket. Fifth, They enable me to comfortably demonstrate a technique in impromptu social situations to students. Sixth, they are warm in cold weather, yet cooling in hot summers due to wicking effects, and; if caught in rainstorm, they will dry in minutes even while being worn. Seventh, some clothing companies sponsor and support my athletes. I am proud to represent any company that supports my people. Eight, they are free as clothing companies are happy to see me wear their products. Nine, there is considerable variation in rashguard design that can vary from informal daily wear to more formal wear for dates/occasions. When it comes to comfort and utility and low maintenance, I have never seen an attire that can beat track pants, sneakers, rash guard and fanny pack. If i find something more comfortable in the future i will switch to that. It may not be aesthetically pleasing, but I am already rather ugly and odd looking so I don’t even bother with clothing aesthetics as my looks are a lost cause – if I had to rely on looks and charm for anything in my life I would be a homeless beggar already ????. Now it’s time for a rash guard story that may change the minds of some of rash guard doubters out there…I am an admirer of the great MMA fighter Jose Aldo – any time he fights, I’m watching. The night he fought Uriah Faber, I wanted to see it. I don’t own a television, so I suggested to a bunch of my students that we go to a sports bar on the upper east side of Manhattan and watch it live. As always, I was running a little late and came in wearing my usual attire and began looking around for our table. Now my students and I actively seek out every opportunity to prank/ridicule/make fun of each other, my general weirdness gives them lots of raw material to work with! The entire group of them had dressed in rash guards and Fanny packs! As I sat down there was a noticeable look from pretty much the entire bar as they all simultaneously asked the question, “who the f**k are these dorks and why are they dressed in those gimp outfits?” We all started laughing and started to watch the show. Out of nowhere groups of women started up to our table and started asking who we were and why were we dressed like that? Were we a sports team? Cyclists? Triathletes? Lunatics? Morons? Suddenly our table was neck deep in curious babes and hotties and the Jose Aldo fight was forgotten ????Every single one of my students got multiple phone numbers and action out of that escapade! (I was the only failure ????????) The dudes at the bar were furious and could not understand how a bunch of dorks in wet suits who looked like they had beamed down from the deck of the starship Enterprise had gotten all the female attention ???? So, who knows…maybe you doubters ought to give it a try…my rash guard system worked as well for my students as my leg lock system…perhaps it can work for you too! ????
10/12/2019 4:29:06 AM
Comment on:
93brand "Hybrid" Hoodie

Edit: i bought this dope hoodie, it better not say crazy stuff on the back like BODY BUTCHERS Guild of limb dismemberment carotid artery, etc
10/14/2019 4:45:02 AM
Comment on:
Phalanx "Black Ops" Short Sleeve Rashguard

10/17/2019 4:25:16 PM
Comment on:
93brand XL Pearl Weave Duffel Bag

It looks great, color is better in person. price is great, lots of varied pockets and storage, great quality

The only downside is that i couldn’t use it as a daily gym bag because its so huge. Good for tournaments and keeping in ur trunk with all your gear tho

I wish they had a smaller version
1/6/2020 4:31:07 AM
Comment on:
93brand XL Pearl Weave Duffel Bag

I got this bag.. while its a really good quality bag its just way to big to be a gym bag, only a tournament bag

Idk if this bag could even fit in any gym locker... the bag itself can fit at least 6 gi’s
1/6/2020 4:25:12 AM
Comment on:
Fuji Sekai 2.0 Long Sleeve Ranked Rashguard

Good thing you’ll be getting the white one
3/1/2020 1:22:58 AM
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