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93brand Casual Gi Pants - 2018 Black Edition

Hold on to your butts  
5/22/2020 11:05:35 PM
Hyperfly Hyperlyte SGT Jiu Jitsu Gi - Grey

Will everything be Corona-free?  
3/13/2020 11:08:23 PM
Tatami Rogue Backpack

That's nice. Looks like an Oakley backpack  
1/31/2020 11:14:30 PM
Kitsune "Cursive" BJJ Gi

If only there was a size for the 195 lb guys...  
1/27/2020 11:12:36 PM
93brand "Goose Feather" Lightweight BJJ Gi

I'm 5'10 195 and my A3 from 93 brand is too big even after shrinking. I feel like I should be A2H but the weight is even bigger than the A3??  
1/23/2020 11:54:02 PM
Dokebi "Steel Jungle" Rashguard

the 2 size charts are pretty far off from each other
1/2/2020 11:12:14 PM
Venum "Classic 2.0" BJJ Gi - Royal Blue

5'11 195lbs

Guess I'm screwed  
11/21/2019 11:04:24 PM
Kitsune "Heroes" BJJ Gi - Black

I'm 5'11, 195 lbs, always in between A2 and A3. Some A3 fit perfect, some are way too big.

Anyone know how these run?  
11/19/2019 8:03:33 PM
Tatami Nova MK4 Jiu Jitsu Gi - White

5'10 210lbs. A3 worth getting?

Tatami's sizes are weird and I hear they shrink more than most  
4/24/2019 8:33:49 PM
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Kitsune "Cursive" Jiu Jitsu Gi

Is it much better than Defense Soap?
10/16/2019 9:45:18 PM
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Kitsune "Cursive" Jiu Jitsu Gi

Probably A3 after a few washes
10/16/2019 7:55:57 PM
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Kitsune "Cursive" Jiu Jitsu Gi

I'm 5'11 202 lbs, A2 cuts off at 185 lbs, and after a few washes would probably be wayyy too small
10/16/2019 8:16:02 PM
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Kitsune "Cursive" Jiu Jitsu Gi


But it's sold out
10/16/2019 8:28:06 PM
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93brand Blacked Out HOOKS V4 Jiu Jitsu Gi

try paypal
11/24/2019 11:09:33 PM
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Kitsune "Cursive" BJJ Gi

They're way too big, and A2 is too small. If you're 5'10 195 lbs there's really not an option for you.
The A2H should be the height of A2 with the weight of A3
1/27/2020 11:20:01 PM
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Kitsune "Cursive" BJJ Gi

Yeah I have the Kitsune Heroes in A2 and the pants are too small in the seat. The jacket is great but I'm going to have to buy pants from someone else to use with it.
I feel like I'm a very average size so it's strange.
1/27/2020 11:54:16 PM
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Kitsune "Cursive" BJJ Gi

Never thought of that
1/27/2020 11:59:47 PM
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Kitsune "Cursive" BJJ Gi

210-245 lbs
way too big
1/28/2020 12:32:02 AM
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Fuji Suparaito Jiu Jitsu Gi - Black

A4 should be ok especially after a little shrinking
2/1/2020 11:14:59 PM
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Scramble New Wave BJJ Gi - Black

USADA approved
2/28/2020 11:27:04 PM
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2-PACK of NEW Tea Tree Oil Shampoo by 93brand

Tea tree oil kills ring worm and staff and is great for your hair and skin
3/15/2020 11:15:53 PM
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Tatami Unicorn & Stars Spats

Depends what kind of man you are
3/21/2020 11:08:36 PM
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