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Kitsune "Cursive" BJJ Gi

Have this gi in white - absolutely love it. It's heavy though. Which is great for colder climates but you definitely don't wanna use this as your summer gi  
8/2/2020 12:41:01 AM
Hyperfly "Pressure" BJJ Gi

How the hell is this monstrosity already sold out? Lmao  
7/4/2019 4:29:59 PM
Inverted Gear "Classic" BJJ Gi - Black

For anyone curious, the sizing on this one is tricky. I'm 5'8" - 5'9" 165 lbs, and usually A1 fits me perfectly, but Inverted Gear's A1 is just a tad too small length wise. So I ordered an A1S when the blue one was on sale, and that one is still a tad too long, after several washes in hot water and drying on high heat. Take this info for what you will - I think personally if I was to order again, I'd still go with the A1S, and just keep throwing it in the dryer. The A1 would just be too small for competitions  
6/10/2019 11:05:41 PM
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93brand Vintage 2.0 Men's Grappling Rashguard

You pay shipping for each item individually
8/2/2019 11:58:35 PM
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Kitsune Kimonos "Views" Navy BJJ Gi

A1L will fit perfectly
10/1/2019 6:57:06 AM
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Kitsune "Cursive" Jiu Jitsu Gi

@ianrittinger it's heavy and quite thick.. but I love mine, it's great to train in. Definitely not a summer gi though
1/7/2020 8:59:35 AM
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Kitsune "Cursive" Jiu Jitsu Gi

Fits exactly the same
1/7/2020 8:57:57 AM
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93brand "Goose Feather" Lightweight BJJ Gi

Depends on how you like them to fit. If more snug then I'd say go with A1L, otherwise A2 is probably the safer bet. You could always try throwing it in the dryer on high to shrink a bit too
1/24/2020 1:46:00 PM
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Kitsune "Cursive" BJJ Gi

This one fits nearly identical to Heroes
8/2/2020 12:39:30 AM
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