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Scramble Kneeon Shorts

4 pictures and 0 of either full design is the best effort Scramble is willing to give on this?  
7/19/2022 11:43:47 PM
Tatami "Control" BJJ Gi - White

This guy looks like a Will Farrell SNL character.   
6/15/2022 11:44:40 PM
HQ x 1/2 Sumo - Limited Edition Hoodie

Man! This is super dope but i for sure don’t need a hoodie. Same design on a tank top?  
6/13/2022 11:17:42 PM
93brand GOTHAM Spats

Dope. Matches the rash guard. Drop some matching shorts and I’ll grab them, too.   
5/19/2022 2:44:39 PM
Manto "Rise" BJJ Gi - Black

4/15/2022 11:35:25 PM
Fuji Fighting Spirit Long Sleeve Rash Guard - Black/Green

Pretty dope. I’d scoop if I hadn’t just grabbed the Phalanx rashie.  
4/9/2022 11:01:27 PM
Phalanx "Insignia" Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Classic, simple design. Best no gi gear in fhe game. Hard to say no.   
4/5/2022 12:03:34 AM
Half Sumo "Kaiju" Spats

Love half sumo. But this is one of their worst designs.   
4/2/2022 11:31:23 PM
Fuji Ultimate Grappling Shorts - Black

A buddy got the OD green ones a couple weeks back and loves em. I’m in!  
3/31/2022 11:04:59 PM
2-PACK of 93brand "Standard Issue" Rashguards

Bought this deal several years ago. They’re holding up great. Excellent deal, especially for the money.   
3/21/2022 11:32:30 PM
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93brand HOOKS V5 Jiu Jitsu Gi - Unbleached

When you want to hit open mat af 10 and head to Mos Eisley to secure transport off of Tattooine at 11. Awesome gi. Won’t find better for the money.   
11/22/2021 12:26:20 AM
Phalanx "Winter Soldier" Short Sleeve Rashguard

Dont recall The Winter Soldier wearing that outfit. No metal arm?   
5/19/2020 11:02:15 PM
Meerkatsu "Fire Tiger" BJJ Gi - Black

When I put this gi on, you have to call me Dragon.   
12/5/2019 11:11:29 PM
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Armbar Soap Company - Random 5-PACK

Their small sample bar soaps are called wrist lock
1/20/2022 8:34:26 AM
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2-PACK of 93brand "Standard Issue" Rashguards

Mine do, although I’ve heard 93 brand made a few changes to how they’re cut after I got mine, so I cant answer with 100% certainty.
3/22/2022 5:35:44 AM
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Tatami Combat Club Long Sleeve Rash Guard

4/7/2022 11:33:06 PM
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Kitsune Kimonos "Dragon" Jiu Jitsu Gi - Unbleached Edition

Maybe you look dirty. I think that’s what the pronlem is. Unbeached gis make you look like a jedi.
4/14/2022 1:15:43 AM
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Scramble Tigre Rash Guard

Or shorts!
4/21/2022 9:31:44 AM
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93brand Citizen 7.0 Shorts

Doesn’t 93 brand no gi stuff come in a 2 pack on here? Holding out for the 2 pack of shorts.
4/23/2022 11:04:50 PM
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Manto "Jungle" Rashguard

You’re a poet and you didn’t know it
6/2/2022 9:25:05 AM
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93brand "100 kg V4" BJJ Gi - White

Tomorrow bro
6/11/2022 11:02:16 PM
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FUJI Fighting Spirit Shorts - Black/Green

Bro I even ordered a size up this time and they’re STILL the only underwear I own with mandatory plumbers crack. So disappointed.
6/14/2022 11:52:20 PM
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Phalanx "Cinza" Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Same. They fired that bad boy out quick!
6/16/2022 11:59:21 PM
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93brand Gotham Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Any ass whatsoever and the undies dont fit—even if you size up. That said, everytbing else I’ve gotten from 93 brand is outstanding. Gis. Spats. And rash guards including this one. Oh yeah the sandals suck too. Both kinds.
6/26/2022 11:33:55 PM
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93brand 'Standard Issue' Spats 2-PACK - Updated 2022 Edition

Did not improve on the undies but these are good
6/28/2022 11:15:21 PM
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93brand 'Standard Issue' Spats 2-PACK - Updated 2022 Edition

Briefs dont fit me at all even if I size up but these are ok a size up.
6/28/2022 11:14:13 PM
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Manto "X4" BJJ Gi - White

I just thought you were a snake…
6/30/2022 10:51:54 AM
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Phalanx "Black Ops II" Spats

7/19/2022 12:40:38 AM
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Phalanx "Black Ops II" Spats

7/19/2022 12:41:09 AM
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Scramble Kneeon Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Technically correct—the best kind of correct.
8/1/2022 7:12:35 AM
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Manto "X4" BJJ Gi - Royal Blue

Cobra Kai dojo
8/3/2022 9:26:09 AM
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Phalanx "Black Ops II" Short Sleeve Rash Guard

Do crows have thumbs?
8/4/2022 1:06:38 AM
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