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Armbar Soap Company - Random 5-PACK

This soap increased my arm bar from closed guard success rate from 4% to 4.1% in only 6 months.   
5/3/2021 6:48:08 AM
93brand Body Butchers Long Sleeve Shirt - Teal

I'd order this but since my last order's been MIA for weeeeeeeeks already, f**k risking taking another loss.   
2/4/2019 12:54:30 AM
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Dollamur 5'x10' Flexi-Roll Home BJJ Mat

They don't. Check Hawaiian Fight Gear's page on Facebook though, they recently announced they were selling large puzzle mats for grappling. Gotta DM them for info.
8/25/2018 12:47:24 AM
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