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Hyperfly Stayfly Pro Comp Jiu Jitsu Gi

1/27/2018 12:02:58 AM
93brand SHG Backpack

I use this bag 6 days a week to and from class on my bicycle, it's phenomenal. It had plenty of room for everything you need I keep a clean gi and no gi set in it and still have room for a change of street clothes and a gallon jug of water. It also does a good job at staying stink free I've accidentally left a dirty rashie in there for a few days and the bag still didn't absorb the funk. It's sturdy, built well and I've had no issues with the straps or zippers because I know how to adjust a backpack to fit properly and pay attention when I'm closing the zipper so material doesn't get caught. It even has a nice compartment on top top hold your phone, small notebook, wallet, keys etc. do they don't get lost in the void.

All around my favorite purchase from BJJHQ don't let a salty guy make you miss out. Keep in mind if you have a bigger gi A3 and up you might fit les than what I described but you should still have plenty of room for a gi and no gi set with room to spare.  
12/4/2017 8:42:36 AM
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Tatami Signature BJJ Gi - White

3/2/2020 8:44:02 AM
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