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I got my first stripe in three months and have bounced around from gym to gym, everyone says i'm sandbagging but no one wants to promote me. It's been four years and i've decided, i'm not going to show off my flying armbar to these gyms who can't spot a prodigy at their open mats. wadafuc. Here, take my money.
93brand "Hooks V5" BJJ Gi - Black/Black

...nice price.  
5/27/2022 11:24:14 PM
Inverted Gear Panda 400 BJJ Gi - White

Did i win? a girl is buying me gear, for the first time, and it's upside down pandas  
5/13/2022 5:06:44 PM
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Phalanx "State" Long Sleeve Rash Guard

i hate you
5/11/2022 11:08:38 PM
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Phalanx "State" Long Sleeve Rash Guard

its a fighting formation romans developed that established attack and defense if the unit stood together...or not i buy the name for the weapon system
5/11/2022 11:14:21 PM
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Tatami Dragon Slayer Eco Tech Recycled Rashguard

Foreal.. OSRS i need mid-end game clan
5/14/2022 6:06:01 PM
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93brand "Hooks V5" BJJ Gi - Black/Black

you buy A2H and wear it like our ancestors
5/27/2022 11:26:53 PM
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