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Fuji All Around BJJ Gi - Black

Its a good gi; but im not a fan of the way the pants sit  
9/17/2020 12:09:59 AM
93brand "Water" Pattern Shorts

The “average” size of an american women is a size 14- why is a 2xl a size 12? 🙄  
8/28/2020 10:25:54 AM
Tatami Nova Absolute BJJ Gi - Black

Why do all these gi companies think women dont come in larger than 175 lbs?  
8/19/2020 12:42:30 AM
Fuji Sekai 2.0 Gi with Lightweight Backpack

Womens size chart?

Can i assume its the same cut/fit as my other Sekai gi?

6/24/2020 10:39:10 AM
93brand Casual Gi Pants - 2018 Black Edition

Well i was gonna buy the hyperlyte rose quartz but apparently they think women only vome in sizes smaller than 170 pounds  
5/23/2020 2:51:52 PM
Kitsune "Cursive" BJJ Gi

Why is the weight range for the A3H less than for the A2H?
Is that a typo?  
4/26/2020 11:25:24 PM
93brand Special Edition V3 Grappling Underwear 2-PACK

Why does the womens style have the seam going right down the center of my butt crack and my eh uh, you know  
3/3/2020 5:41:05 PM
93brand "Combate" Rashguard

I wish this were longsleeve 🙁  
2/14/2020 11:44:31 PM
Booster BJJ Gi - Black

Shoot- im competing in the morning; i cant stay up all noght finding good deals 😩  
2/7/2020 11:03:27 PM
Triumph United Series 2 White Gi

Those spats are cool but i dont have $$ in my account til monday 😩  
10/5/2019 9:13:01 PM
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93brand Blacked Out HOOKS V4 Jiu Jitsu Gi

I think he means the ends fray- my last 93 brand did that as well. Not a huge issue though.
6/7/2019 1:14:01 PM
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Hyperfly Hyperlyte SGT Jiu Jitsu Gi - Grey

I looove the 93 brand shampoo- i but it every time it pops up here
9/7/2019 9:31:12 PM
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93brand "Hybrid" Hoodie

Or for when your a woman and they make all your pants without freaking pockets
10/14/2019 10:15:16 AM
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Venum "Classic 2.0" BJJ Gi - Royal Blue

Try being a plus size woman- right now im 5’6” 225. Was 5’6” 320 when i started.
Just get close on weight, a little long wont hurt
11/22/2019 12:23:56 AM
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Venum Classic 2.0 BJJ Gi - White

Ya’ll she said made for women, not just that comes in supposed womens sizes. Theres a difference
12/4/2019 3:41:12 PM
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93brand "Gotham" Short-Sleeve Rashguard

Hopefully you only need the length to shrink up because i can never get a 93Brand to shrink in any other way, no matter how many times i hit wash and dry it.
My other brand of gi, the top was too big so i shrunk it on purpose, got the perfect IBJJF fit, but now it keeps shrinkkng even in cold wash only!
1/1/2020 10:58:39 AM
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Tatami Estilo 5.0 Gi - Blue Graphite

I love this shampoo. Because we get all sewaty and gross in jiujitsu i have to waah my hair so much more often than before. My hair was getting all dried out and damaged and i was getting dandruff. I bought some of this stuff and fell in love- my hair has never been healthier. I dont know what the secret is but it gets my hair clean without stripping itout like most shampoo.
1/4/2020 10:39:33 AM
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Inverted Gear Gold Weave BJJ Gi - White

Yes, but my top was too big so i shrunk it and now it wont stop shrinking ??
Its definitly not a husky anymore
1/31/2020 12:02:46 AM
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Inverted Gear Bamboo Gi - White

It is light and breathable- but the sleeves were waay to long on mine so i had to shrink it; fit perfect for my IBJJF tournament, unfortunatly even though i only washed on cold after that it continued to shrink and now the top is too small. I only got one tourney and a few practices out of it ??
8/4/2020 11:13:14 PM
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