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93brand Special Edition V3 Grappling Underwear 2-PACK

These are good grappling undies. They fit snug. They are not great underwear outside of the gym, imho just not breathable enough. They keep everything mostly in place while you roll and are well made and the elastic holds up.   
7/30/2020 11:46:50 AM
Kitsune "Heroes" BJJ Gi - White

Larger and looser than a 93, but otherwise feels very similar. At 5’10 165 I am an A2 in 93, and A2 in this but had to dry the Kitsune several times.  
12/17/2019 8:04:56 AM
Nine Lives Chapter 6 - "Six Shooter" BJJ Gi - Navy

Nine lives are super high quality. Very comfortable, but with a competition tailoring.   
12/14/2019 8:38:41 AM
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93brand Standard Issue - Olive Edition

Fuji is unexciting but always well made. I haven’t seen a Gameness in ages. 93 brand are great Gis and a lot of bang for the buck. My Hooks are slimmer, the Standard Issue are more roomy.
1/10/2020 3:44:27 PM
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