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Kitsune Gi Weave Backpack - Gunmetal Edition

IBJJF legal?   
7/23/2019 9:29:25 AM
Hyperfly "Pressure" BJJ Gi

Well I'm Hyperfly Henry here to drop some kool toyz,
here's one I designed with the YCTH boyz!
We were slammin' down daiquiris at tha DJ's live set,
I Berimbolo'd my barstool and I placed my bet,
on somethin' pink, somethin' poppin, it's midnight black,
makes you feel like Marcelo when you take the back,
it's a disco dream right at home at the rave,
makes you invert with ease, makes Helio roll in his grave,
slim-cut hotness stealin' Shoyoroll's thunder,
white belt pronz, makin' professors chunder.
What does 'chunder' mean? Well it's Australian slang,
for the feeling you get when you win all that blang,
winnin' medals, trophies, white belt gold,
keylocks from halfguard, it never gets old -
ezekiels in his closed guard, chokes over the chin,
pass without the underhook, you're still gonna win,
'cause you racked-up those points, got a license 2 kill,
mom's credit card gonna' foot this bill,
and if da' credit card fails, you know what to expect,
just fill up yo debit with your birthday check!   
7/4/2019 12:16:18 AM
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Inverted Gear Light Pearl Panda

Probably A0S.
6/18/2017 11:32:05 PM
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Raven CTHULHU Rashguard

This is but the mortal vessel that he has chosen to incarnate himself in during his time on our plane of reality. One could say that Cthulu holds the cosmos itself in the clutch of his worm guard of iniquity and deception. But to those who find that hard to grasp, he teaches them through the visceral and universal language of jiu-jitsu.
12/22/2017 12:28:25 AM
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Ground Game Tengu Grappling Rashguard

I think he means the spats. :P
5/26/2018 6:30:43 PM
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Scramble "Strong Beard" Rashguard

Oh hi Paulinda Miriam!
2/11/2019 10:52:29 PM
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Hyperfly Gladiator Grappling Rashguard

You can't teach taste.
2/24/2019 1:05:45 PM
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