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Scramble "Kano" Judo-Inspired BJJ Gi

"520gsm top / 10oz twill trousers (heavy cotton)" according to the scramble website, just incase anyone was wondering.  
9/23/2022 11:02:58 PM
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Macaco Branco Black Gi

A3 for a more tailored fit and A4 for a more relaxed fit, but you can always mildly shrink the A4 gi in the dryer (be super careful), you can't make the A3 bigger.
9/5/2015 12:35:10 AM
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Sumo Panda Tee

Yes please!!!
9/7/2015 10:25:17 PM
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Combat Skin x Meerkatsu Combat Warrior Spats

I'm a 32 waist and about 175 with thicker legs and large works great for me
9/18/2015 11:33:50 PM
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Tatami Anvil Rashguard

I bet there will be a brand that suits you. Out of the few brands I own I'd say stay away from 93 brand but clinch gear might be ok.
10/6/2015 11:48:10 PM
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Jaco Tenacity Shorts

I bought these shorts awhile back in a 32. I wear 32's in multiple brands of jeans and shorts, but the 32 Jacos did not fit. To put it blatantly, I have too much of an ass. The waist band fit fine but the shorts were very hard to get past my posterior. I am not overweight by any means, just got a man booty
I guess.......
10/13/2015 1:28:30 AM
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HQ x 1/2 Sumo - Limited Edition Short Sleeve Rash Guard

8/25/2022 10:54:07 PM
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Inverted Gear Canvas Panda Gi - White

Hydrogen peroxide for the blood, as for the leggings dyed one, a wise man once said, "you f****d up a long time ago".
9/18/2022 11:20:14 PM
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Phalanx "Interrupter" Short Sleeve Rash Guard

The Inverted Gear white bamboo gi? I ordered that as well and received it on the 13th. They did take about a week to process the order, but still not receiving a tracking number by now is a bit ridiculous.
9/22/2022 7:22:55 PM
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Manto "Just Be Nice" Rash Guard

I ordered the navy one and received it two weeks or so ago as well.
11/27/2022 6:16:13 PM
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Manto "Just Be Nice" Rash Guard

I received mine on the 14th.
11/27/2022 6:15:29 PM
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