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Nine Lives "Chapter 8 - Figure 8" BJJ Gi - Black

Someone please educate me. A wise man once told me that BJJ students should only wear gis the colors of the belts they’ve earned. Is this true? Is it a faux pas to tie a white belt over a black gi?  
1/17/2020 11:27:29 PM
Flow Kimonos "Air" BJJ Gi - Black

I just finished my first order of Armbar Soap. I don’t see benefits over any other bar soap. I’m going back to Dial.  
11/2/2019 7:08:49 AM
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93brand UFOmoplata Spats

I don’t know if the company is paying people to talk about their products or if the users are just being sarcastic, but it’s definitely nonsense. They’d just order the soap through Armbar’s site if they really wanted it.
11/3/2019 5:00:21 AM
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93brand VINTAGE Rashguard

Yup, Johnny, you’re definitely wrong on this one. Just shower more.
11/11/2019 5:41:08 PM
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93brand 2019 Standard Issue Shorts 2-PACK

I found this online.
11/21/2019 8:23:39 AM
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Inverted Gear Hemp Hybrid Gi - White

Most gis are made of cotton. It seems like they used a cotton/hemp hybrid to make this one a bit lighter. I doubt you’ll notice much difference if you use it to train. I’ve never worn an IG gi, but they are reputed to make high quality gear.
2/10/2020 5:04:11 AM
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