93brand GOD Shorts - Fibers
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93brand GOD Shorts - "Fibers"

Item Details

    The almighty GOD shorts from 93brand. Featuring a unique 2-layer construction:
    Outer layer is an above-the-knee cut, built from ultra light and slightly stretchy fabric, for an impressive and completely unimpeded range of motion. This layer doesn't require side vents, giving these shorts cleaner lines and a more modern look.

    Inner layer is an attached sublimated blend (high-stretch poly/spandex) that runs from the waist to just above the knee. Designed to provide consistent compression. Whether you've got a mean sprawl, flexible guard, play a lot of leg locks, or 'bolos, these 2-layer shorts are engineered to give you maximum coverage, compression, and comfort with a more fashionable outer layer.

    The compression design and partially elasticated waistband eliminate the need for any type of front closure. . . Leaving you with shorts that are easy on/easy off. Once you roll in shorts that don't have a 2-way closure, fold-over closure, or elastic in front of your stomach, you might never go back. All branding is kept simple and tasteful. Unbreakable 3-D rubber logos. Adjusted single-loop internal drawstring if necessary.

    Go with your normal shorts size. Tapered and highly flexible compression layer will correspond accordingly.

    93brand GOD Shorts - "Fibers" $29

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