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"Rollin' with my Homies" T-shirt

I made two orders on Dec. 19th and I got the the confirmation e-mails but the items are still Pre-processing. Don't know if it's cause of the holidays, but I have e-mailed CS twice, and haven't gotten a response back. Was hoping to get them by New Year's, but seeming unlikely now.   
12/23/2012 11:45:02 PM
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Meerkatsu Designed Strike Fightwear Katanapus Shorts

Hi, I ordered two items on Dec. 19 (leggings with the cup). They are both still pre-processing. I e-mailed twice and haven't gotten a response. Something wrong with the orders? Thanks!  
12/23/2012 1:58:53 PM
Scramble Rainbow Spats

I got the black scramble ones about a month ago.

I'm 5'8", 157 pounds. Medium fits perfect.

The waist measurements all seem real small, but what you need to keep in mind is the length.  
10/29/2012 11:13:51 PM
Scramble Spats

I ordered a Large, but looking at reviews, I should have gotten a Medium. Can I change my order anyway? Going to drop an e-mail right now.   
10/8/2012 12:31:58 AM
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Scramble Rainbow Spats

the two times i decided to leave my wallet in my garage cause i didn't think i needed it rest of the night - first time was the black scramble spats and this time it was the rainbows.
10/30/2012 12:01:16 AM
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"Rollin' with my Homies" T-shirt

12/24/2012 2:44:57 PM
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True Fightwear Vale Tudo Shorts

I contacted them about this. They told me last week that there was a mistake on shock doctor's part. Shock doctor gave bjjhq youth medium and larges. So bjjhq has to ship them back and get new ones. They said they will send out shipping codes once it is all sorted out. Guess it hasn't been resolved yet. Hopefully they don't cancel orders. Was exciting, ordered two of them.
12/30/2012 3:28:18 AM
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OSS Clothing's "Daruma" T-Shirt

wifey material
2/17/2013 7:14:31 PM
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