Rodolfo Vieira Jiu Jitsu Domination 3-DVD Set

Rodolfo Vieira "Jiu Jitsu Domination" 3-DVD Set

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    They don't call Rodolfo the Black Belt Hunter for nothing! The man is an absolute beast!

    His much anticipated first DVD release includes 3 Discs of all-around BJJ instruction plus a 4th Bonus Disc*!

    Rodolfo Vieira is a unique grappler in that he is a strong, high-intensity passer, smashing through his opponents' guards and finishing from top... but he is also successful with the kind of dynamic guard work that you typically find in the lighter weight class. Learn from one of the best in the Jiu Jitsu Domination set!

    See the wall below for the DVD Index.

    *Bonus Disc is full of different drills to use in your training, used by the 4-time World Champ himself and designed to improve your overall game.

    Rodolfo Vieira "Jiu Jitsu Domination" 3-DVD Set $67

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    george_HQ Image
    george_HQ  -  VERIFIED ADMIN  -  Joined 11/6/2012

    **DVD Index**

    -Disc 1-
    opening the closed guard
    knee cut half guard pass
    knee cut pass
    double under hook pass to mount
    back step pass
    shoulder pressure on the head guard pass
    passing the guard
    lapel half guard pass
    underhook pass on lapel half guard
    3 point pass on lapel half guard

    -Disc 2-
    flattening butterfly guard pass
    cart wheel butterfly guard pass
    hip switch pass on butterfly guard
    leg drag pass from butterfly
    weave pass
    baseball choke
    bread cutter choke
    dragon choke from knee on belly
    mount choke

    -Disc 3-
    50/50 to leg drag
    clock choke
    clock choke to straight arm lock
    guard pass
    spider guard to arm lock
    lapel lasso pass
    take down
    single leg and take down
    back take from turtle
    de la riva arm bar

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    Finally good deal

    10/25/2014 at 11:25 PM
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