Clinch Gear Womens Spectrum Shorts

Clinch Gear Women's Spectrum Shorts

    The women's shorts from Clinch Gear are as well-made and technically advanced as their standard shorts. And if you've trained in their signature shorts then you know how great these shorts are for martial arts training.

    Built with a 4-way stretch polyester body for reduced weight without compromising durability and flexibility. 80/20 Polyester/Spandex stretch fabric runs along the side panels, which curve up and around the hips. This flexible material is also used for the crotch panel, offering multi-directional stretch to preserve the strength of seams and main body panels.

    Clinch Gear's 'Double Grip' closure is very secure and easy to use. All fabrics have moisture-wicking properties with each seam triple-stitched for added sturdiness.

    Clinch Gear Women's Spectrum Shorts $25

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    Nate  -  Joined 4/14/2014

    Is the crotch in women's shorts high enough that a man would be uncomfortable in them?

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